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Bass Clef
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9 April 2015 at 12:26am
25 July 2013
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14 February 1992 (Age: 29)
Colchester, Essex

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Bass Clef

Pony, Male, 29, from Colchester, Essex

I doubt many people will see this, I'm going to France for a week. -_- Don’t get me wrong holidays are great, but… all my stuff is here. :’( 10 August 2013

Bass Clef was last seen:
9 April 2015
    1. EpicPhoenix
      Happy birthday dude! I'm sure you'll have a terrific day! :D
      Btw look forward to seeing you at the pre-meet! XD
      1. Bass Clef likes this.
    2. Killergoose
      Happy 22nd birthday Bass Clef! Hope you have a great day!
      1. Bass Clef
        Bass Clef
        I plan on it, I'm going to see Dream Theater with a friend of mine tonight and tomorrow I'll be going to the LEGO Movie meet, so I'm pretty happy. :D
        14 February 2014
    3. StarDust
      Really sorry. I've been busy >.< Uhm. Want to plan a different day? Sorry again.
      1. Bass Clef
        Bass Clef
        Haha no worries. :D
        How about I collect my stuff at the next meet, as long as you don't mind holding on to my merch that is? :P
        7 November 2013
      2. StarDust
        Sure! Sounds fine to me. It's all safe in my room, don't worry XD
        9 November 2013
    4. Bass Clef
      Bass Clef
      I doubt many people will see this, I'm going to France for a week. -_- Don’t get me wrong holidays are great, but… all my stuff is here. :’(
    5. Bass Clef
      Bass Clef
      Who doesn’t love a good bassline?
      1. Greetings likes this.
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      3. Bass Clef
        Bass Clef
        I don't if I'm talented but people seem to think so. ^_^
        Only covers that I've done:
        it's my Mothers account normally I can't be bothered to put stuff up. :P
        I'm the big guy with the long hair playing Bass. :3
        27 July 2013
      4. Greetings
        I would say your fairly talented at what you do.
        27 July 2013
      5. Bass Clef
        Bass Clef
        Thank you. :D
        27 July 2013
    6. Greetings
      Greetings Welcome to UKoE, I hope you Enjoy your Stay Here!
      If you ever need a Helping Hoof don't Hesitate to Ask for one, from your fellow Brony!
      A great way to get started here is to:
      Make/Get an Avatar
      Edit your Status Message
      Create a Signature
      Start up a Thread under New Member Introductions
      Follow another User
      See if there are, any Meet-Up’s going happening near you
      Also a BroHoof from me /)
      1. Bass Clef
        Bass Clef
        I guess I'll get a Octavia Melody Avatar then. :)
        What's a "Status Message". sorry really new to all this.
        Already done that, thank you. :D
        How do I follow?
        How do I searsh Meet-ups near me? again, sorry really new to all this.
        25 July 2013
    7. Killergoose
      Hi and welcome to the site Mr. Bass Clef. Musician by any chance?
      Anyway a great way to get to know people quickly and for them to get to know you is to post a thread in the new members introduction section.
      If you have any questions on the forums or how posting works then just ask.
      Hope you enjoy your time here.
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      2. Bass Clef
        Bass Clef
        Haha thank you, both of you. ^_^ /)
        26 July 2013
      3. Killergoose
        (\ No worries.
        26 July 2013
      4. Greetings
        yep what he said before me once again! ^^
        26 July 2013
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  • About

    14 February 1992 (Age: 29)
    Colchester, Essex
    -Your name/Online alias
    Hello my name is Alexander Knowles but I prefer Bass Clef online.

    -Where you are from or any UKofE/Other meetups you may have attended
    I’m from Colchester, Essex.
    I've attended a few in London mainly big ones like the season 4 premiere but I always attend a "Ipswish Bronies! Away!" meet.

    -How/When you became part of the herd!
    Somewhere in 2011 but didn’t start talking/messaging other Bronies until 2013.

    -Favorite mane 6 Pony/Episode/Moment/Background pony.
    Rainbow Dash / Rarity
    Suited For Success
    Not sure what that one means but, I guess all the songs from the show are all great moments for me.
    Derpy/DJ Pon-3/Octavia Melody

    -Thoughts of the forum so far
    At this moment, “Wow that’s a cool purple banner”.

    -Met any bronies yet?
    Yep, they're my best friends.

    -Your day job/productive hobbies you may practice (Sport, Music, Art)
    Job Musician (I do get paid for it).
    My hobby would have to be playing Games I guess.

    -Any favorite genres of music? Any artists you admire?
    Rock and Metal but I do like a lot of other genres.
    Dream Theater
    Joe Satriani
    The Living Tombstone
    Mic the Microphone
    The Police

    -Do you study anything at college/university/high school/schools in general
    I’m studying Music Technology at Braintree College at the moment.

    -Hows being a brony so far?
    Great my friends and parents don’t make fun of me about it.

    -Any future meetups/events your'e looking forward too?
    I'm going to the Season 4 Finally so I'm looking forward to that.


    XBL Gamertag:


    Nothing is bad, it just depends on whether or not you like it.

    Essex & Suffolk Bronies