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Ben Critchley
Last Activity:
16 December 2012 at 10:55pm
9 May 2012
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14 August 1993 (Age: 26)

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Ben Critchley

Royal Equestrian Airforce, Male, 26

Ben Critchley was last seen:
16 December 2012
    1. Greetings
      Spread some joy, cheer hooray!
      Because it is Hearts Warming Day today!
      With anticipation hurry downstairs, like Pinkie Pie you are prepared!
      You have been good that’s a fact, as Twilight Sparkle made a List and Checked it 3 time’s at that!
      Rarity sent you a gift nicely wrapped, Through DerpyMail it arrived 7 day’s late if that!
      1. Greetings
        Under the Christmas Tree that is so bright, like Princess Celestia’s Morning or Princess Luna’s Night.
        You see your presents in delight wishing for Pony Merch or a New Computer Game, because Granny Smith’s home made socks are lame!
        You open your presents in 20 seconds flat, Rainbow Dash would have Facehoofed, Applejack would have Tipped her hat!
        25 December 2012
      2. Greetings
        Near the fire under the Mistletoe Kiss shmoopy-do or hide like Fluttershy, Princess Cadence would not be impressed!
        At the Table enjoy your dinner, because today like in The Running of the Leaves you’re a winner!
        Have some Christmas Cake or a Mince Pie; although we both know you would prefer the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness!
        25 December 2012
      3. Greetings
        Now is the time like Berry Punch go-ahead get yourself drunk!
        Then walk home like lyra with a bad leg!
        Get to your house open the door, sit yourself down and turn on the TV; Hoping to see New Doctor Hooves on the BBC!
        At the End of the Day go to Bed try and get this song about Ponys out of your head!
        Merry Hearts Warming Day and a Festive BroHoof from me *%$$*/)*$$%*
        25 December 2012
    2. SmartyShy
      Merry Christmas, have an amazing day :) x
    3. Dax
      Happy birthday!
    4. LoomX
      Happy Birthday!
    5. Skittys
      Hey. Ho. Do do doe. Happy birthday!
    6. Sonicrainboom_BOOM
      All of the vectors
    7. Jack Dodson
      Jack Dodson
      hey hey kent brony
      where about u from??
      1. Ben Critchley
        Ben Critchley
        From Herne Bay ^.^
        15 May 2012
      2. Jack Dodson
        Jack Dodson
        not too far then haha
        15 May 2012
    8. WoodChip
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    14 August 1993 (Age: 26)


    Twitter: Critchley11 Steam: Critchleyb Deviant Art: Critchleyb