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December 25

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I really don't know why people act as if they like MLP just to make fun? Lol 6 May 2016

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8 May 2016
    1. DonkyDash
      I really don't know why people act as if they like MLP just to make fun? Lol
    2. DerpyWhooves
      Thanks for the follow ^_^ Have one back.
    3. DonkyDash
      Why don't people understand? So what if I like MLP?! I'm not changing for anyone!
    4. DonkyDash
      Saw a double rainbow :O who said magic wasn't real?!
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    5. Wonderbolt
      Hey, thanks for the follow xD
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    6. DonkyDash
      Hey guys Im new to UK of Equestria , and ngl Im already loving this website lol
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    December 25
    Hey one and all! My name is DonkeyDash as Donkeys are one of my favourite animals (I mean they are so cute lol).
    Ive been a big fan of MLP since I was little and I really admire anyone who's not afraid to express what they are passionate about.

    My favourite MLP character definitely has to be Twilight Sparkle as I can relate to her the most out of all the characters. I believe that despite her asocial nature at the start, the character development is remarkable and empowering to see her be apart of such a beautiful friendship later on. Plus her colour scheme is fabulous.

    My OC is blue, red and white as I think think the colour scheme follows my love for the UK. She also has really pretty accessories such as sparkly red top hat with matching bow tie. She is very brave and also loves to express her honest opinion for the greater good.

    My interests in music are quite broad- I love anything from Classical to Alternative- anything that gets me in a happy mood is fine.

    I love pretty much all animated movies!

    My hobbies include reading, drawing fan-art and writing- fan-fiction and original stories. I also play the harp, guitar and kazoo (its a real instrument I swear) XD I can also play the MLP theme tune on the instruments and play the kazoo and guitar at the same time. Magical, I know ;)

    I am open to all friendships and would love to talk to anyone who's interested :3 :D


    'You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the...the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth Element: The Element of...Magic!' - Twilight Sparkle
    -Friendship is Magic part 2-