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18 October 2013 at 12:59am
19 February 2013
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20 August 1996 (Age: 25)

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New Pony, Female, 25, from Essex

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18 October 2013
    1. Smarty Paws
      Smarty Paws
      Happy Birthday!
    2. Eliki
      Happy birthday! I hope you'll have a really good day. :)
    3. Killergoose
      Happy 17th birthday Handsome_Jack! Hope you have an awesome day!
    4. GoldenaceX
      Hey! hello there, i see you like borderlands, do you have a ps3? :)
    5. Greetings
      Welcome to UKoE, I hope you Enjoy your Stay Here!
      If you ever need a Helping Hoof don't Hesitate to Ask for one, from your fellow Brony!
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      Also a BroHoof from me /)
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      Thanks for following! :)
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      Hi and welcome to the site. Guessing you're a Borderlands fan?
      A great way to get to know people quickly and for them to get to know you is to post a thread in the new members introduction section.
      If you have any questions on the forums or how posting works then just ask.
      Hope you enjoy your time here.
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    20 August 1996 (Age: 25)
    Hello fellow Bronies! My name is Lucy, I'm 16 years old and from Essex. I currently go to sixth form, in which I doodle ponies an unhealthy amount in my notes. I draw alot. What I drew mostly used to consist of Sonic Art, although now I mostly doodle Ponies, Adventure Time, Marvel universe characters, and, as you can tell by my username, Borderlands.

    Check out my DA at http://barkthebear.deviantart.com/
    Or my Tumblr at http://handsomestjack.tumblr.com/

    I dont upload a lot of art due to being busy with college work, but I do upload.. sometimes. Although on my tumblr, I will be reblogging a lot of pony stuff and borderlands, so you should follow me just for that! :D

    I started watching MLP:FIM just after the first season, and although I liked the show, I hadn't really thought of it as one of my major obsessions until about half way through 2012.

    I consider myself as a brony rather than a pegasister due to my love of the unicorns within the show, most of all Rarity, who I will be cosplaying as at the London MCM in May 2013. I like unicorns mainly due to my love of how each unicorn finds a special way to adapt their magic in order to best match their personality, and ultimatley contribute to their special talent and cutie mark, which bucking rules!

    Oh yeah, and I love Alicorn Twilight. MAY HER REIGN BE BRUTAL AND SUCCESSFUL.


    Hello there bronies! My name is Lucy, I'm a 16 year old college student from Essex, who draws a rather lot of ponies!​
    Rarity is best pony. Fo sho. I will be cosplaying as her at the London MCM expo in May 2013! Be sure to ask for pictures! Because ALITWI DEMANDS IT.​