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Johnny Maker
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15 April 2014 at 11:43am
25 May 2013
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Johnny Maker

New Pony, Male

Second thread started. Is this normal? 30 June 2013

Johnny Maker was last seen:
15 April 2014
    1. Johnny Maker
      Johnny Maker
      Second thread started. Is this normal?
    2. Johnny Maker
      Johnny Maker
      Just started my first Thread ever. This can only go badly.
    3. Welkin
      Welcome to UKoE, I hope you find everything ok here, people tend to be friendly and from what I've seen there's a fair share of community.

      Just out of curiosity, your name eludes to being a crafter, what kind of stuff do you make?
      1. Johnny Maker
        Johnny Maker
        Well, anything really. give me a tool and I can make something pretty good. Hammer, scissors, needle or a saucepan. Although I do think I specialize in metalwork.
        26 May 2013
      2. Welkin
        Ah right cool, sorry for the lack of reply. What experience have you had with metalwork in the past? I'm sending the blank patterns to the profilers next week for my guard cosplay but I've not had any experience behind an anvil. Is there any advice that you could give me?
        1 June 2013
      3. Johnny Maker
        Johnny Maker
        Well.... actually I'm very new to metalwork so I am not in a position to give advise. I would show some of my past work where I did use an anvil but I don't seem to be able to. *Oops I think I missed something first time.
        2 June 2013
    4. Greetings
      Greetings Welcome to UKoE, I hope you Enjoy your Stay Here!
      If you ever need a Helping Hoof don't Hesitate to Ask for one, from your fellow Brony!
      A great way to get started here is to:
      Make/Get an Avatar
      Edit your Status Message
      Create a Signature
      Start up a Thread under New Member Introductions
      Follow another User
      See if there are, any Meet-Up’s going happening near you
      Also a BroHoof from me /)
      1. Johnny Maker
        26 May 2013
    5. Johnny Maker
      Johnny Maker
      Let's get CREATING
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    Inventing, Creating, Designing and Dreaming. These are the things that I can do.​
    And I do them well.​