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14 February 2014 at 11:10pm
31 January 2012
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28 November 1994 (Age: 26)

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Rarely do people surpass the might of cheese., Male, 26

Music's coming on well, so that's fun. 9 January 2013

Mush was last seen:
14 February 2014
    1. blissfully✮oblivious
      Happy birthday Mush. Hope you're having a good one.
    2. Purplephish20
    3. Sweet Tale
      Sweet Tale
      Nice to meet you today mate. I hope your shoulder isn't too badly damaged!
      1. Mush
        Not too bad, it'll hurt for a week or so.
        18 April 2013
    4. Mush
      Music's coming on well, so that's fun.
    5. Greetings
      Spread some joy, cheer hooray!
      Because it is Hearts Warming Day today!
      With anticipation hurry downstairs, like Pinkie Pie you are prepared!
      You have been good that’s a fact, as Twilight Sparkle made a List and Checked it 3 time’s at that!
      Rarity sent you a gift nicely wrapped, Through DerpyMail it arrived 7 day’s late if that!
      1. Greetings
        Under the Christmas Tree that is so bright, like Princess Celestia’s Morning or Princess Luna’s Night.
        You see your presents in delight wishing for Pony Merch or a New Computer Game, because Granny Smith’s home made socks are lame!
        You open your presents in 20 seconds flat, Rainbow Dash would have Facehoofed, Applejack would have Tipped her hat!
        25 December 2012
      2. Greetings
        Near the fire under the Mistletoe Kiss shmoopy-do or hide like Fluttershy, Princess Cadence would not be impressed!
        At the Table enjoy your dinner, because today like in The Running of the Leaves you’re a winner!
        Have some Christmas Cake or a Mince Pie; although we both know you would prefer the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness!
        25 December 2012
      3. Greetings
        Now is the time like Berry Punch go-ahead get yourself drunk!
        Then walk home like lyra with a bad leg!
        Get to your house open the door, sit yourself down and turn on the TV; Hoping to see New Doctor Hooves on the BBC!
        At the End of the Day go to Bed try and get this song about Ponys out of your head!
        Merry Hearts Warming Day and a Festive BroHoof from me *%$$*/)*$$%*
        25 December 2012
    6. Mush
      Thanks for all the birthday wishes. /]
    7. flutterfan
      Happy Birthday man!!!! Have a great time! :) and make sure to have loads of fun!!!!! ^_^
    8. Greetings
      Wait For It!
      Happy, Happy, Birthday!
      I say Happy Birthday to You!
      Happy, Happy, Birthday!
      I say Hip, Hip Hooray!
      Happy, Happy, Birthday!
      I say Enjoy same Rainbow Cake and Celebrate!
      Also a BroHoof from me as well /)
    9. Killergoose
      Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your day.
    10. Anthpony
      Happy birthday! Do try to be sensible*, you're an adult now after all.

      *By "sensible" I mean "stop drinking when you can see two of everything."
    11. Treacle Flapjack
      Treacle Flapjack
      Happy birthday, now that you are old enough I have to buy you a beer or twelve
    12. shiftyhoof
      hey mush! i went with you on the train to the manechester hearth warming at least i think its you unless i have the wrong person. but i think it was you
    13. Haxy
      1. Mush
        I am confus
        3 October 2012
    14. RipDash
      Hey Mush i was wondering if you are interested in being part of the British Brony Show we need some one to edit and you look like the pony to do it :) (it is a no pay job )
    15. Treacle Flapjack
      Treacle Flapjack
      Holy cow a fellow Maccite!
    16. Heartstrings
      Would just like to welcome you to the site!
      We here hope that you enjoy your stay and make yourself feel comfortable.
      Feel free to look through the forums for future event updates and other pony related topics!

      - Heartstrings
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    28 November 1994 (Age: 26)


    I do have a YouTube channel: Mush's YouTube
    Like me? Tell facebook that! I have a page here: My Page