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15 April 2013 at 9:22pm
5 February 2013
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7 January 1994 (Age: 26)

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New Pony, 26

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15 April 2013
    1. Greetings
      welcome to UKoE, I hope you Enjoy your Stay Here!
      If you ever need a Helping Hoof don't Hesitate to Ask for one, from your fellow Brony!
      A Grate way to get started here is to:
      Make/Get an Avatar
      Edit your Status Message
      Create a Signature
      Start up a Thread under New Member Introductions
      Follow another User
      See if there are, any Meet-Up’s going happening near you
      Also a BroHoof from me /)
      BTW your OC is epic!
    2. Killergoose
      Hi and welcome to the site. Nice OC by the way.
      A great way to get to know people quickly and for them to get to know you is to post a thread in the new members introduction section.
      If you have any questions on the forums or how posting works then just ask.
      Hope you enjoy your time here
    3. MNTheBig
      Hey, welcome to the UKoE! I'm sure you'll love it here as everypony on here is very nice and friendly :) Why don't you try introducing yourself in the introduction forum? :D
      1. Pranksolot
        Will do :D
        5 February 2013
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    7 January 1994 (Age: 26)