Frequently Asked Questions

This page attempts to answer the most common questions and problems when using our website. It covers a wide range of scenarios including how to use various features, complete various tasks and even "why" members expect others to behave in a certain way.

If you think this FAQ is missing something, feel free to drop us a suggestion.

About This Site

This section answers questions about the history and identity of the website.

What is UK of Equestria?

UK of Equestria is a community, whose goal is to be accessible to as wide of an audience as possible. To aid in keeping the community accessible to all, we maintain a strict PG-13 policy and aim to keep all members and site content on the friendly side of the law.

Who is UK of Equestria for?

“UKofE” is intended for any fans of the My Little Pony franchise from (or visiting) the UK and its overseas territories. If you don’t fit that criteria, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to participate! That would be mean!

Who runs UK of Equestria?

A handful of volunteers who are also fans of the MLP franchise. You can find our list of current and former volunteers here.

How did UK of Equestria start?

“UKofE” started as a merger of “LASER” and “South England Bronies” - two meet-up organising groups from Southern England.

What are all these abbreviations? How many names do you have?!?

“UK of Equestria” is our official name. It’s quite a mouthful, though, so most people shorten it to “UK of E”, which rolls off the tongue quite well, or abbreviated it to “UKoE” if you’re lazy!

How much money do you make from this?

We don't. There isn't much money to be made from hosting a forum. We don’t believe in adverts, either, so you won’t see any of those.

Huh? Then how do you pay for the costs?

Out of the administrative staff's own pockets. Until a better way comes along, this is the safest and most quibble-free way to do it. If we ever decide to open the doors for support, a public ledger will be made available.

Posting Features

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This section offers help on features provided with posting messages.

How do I quote people?

Click the “Reply” button under a person's post. They'll be quoted automatically in your response.

How do I quote multiple people?

Click the “Reply” button for each post you want to quote. This only works for messages on the same page. You'll also need to make sure JavaScript is working in your browser for you to be able to do this.

How do I edit my posts?

Find the post you made originally - there should be an “Edit” button along the bottom, beside the post date. If your post is the most recent post in a thread, you should aim to edit it instead of making a consecutive post.

How do I delete posts?

Similar to above - there should be a “Delete” button along the bottom of the post, just to the right of the “Edit” button. Click that and provide a reason for the deletion of the post. Please do take the time to specify why - the moderators will be able to see why you deleted a post.

How about deleting a thread?

If you want a thread to be removed, you will need to seek the assistance of a moderator. The easiest way to do this is to click report on the thread so any moderator who happens to be online may address it. If nobody has replied to your thread, it will be easy for us to remove the thread. The moderating staff will be able to see the thread after it has been deleted, so please do try to help them by specifying a reason for why you want it closed.

If there have been replies to your thread, you will need to provide a moderator with the reason as to why you wish for the thread to be deleted. Depending on the situation, the moderators may agree to delete the thread, or may only offer to lock the discussion or leave the thread open - this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. This is necessary because since your original post, others may have submitted “original material” to the thread. We would rather not let their submissions go to waste unless there's a significantly good reason to.

What are Spoilers? How do I use them?

A spoiler is information that could reveal information about the plot in a story - it could essentially “spoil” the story for other people, hence its name. If you want to post something that could be classed as a “spoiler”, press the spoiler icon in the message editor, or enclose your spoiling content in [spoiler] tags - see here.

Can I post Pictures? How do I post them?

Yep. You can press the “Insert/edit image” button in the message editor, then paste the image link into the box that appears. Small images and other files may be uploaded and attached using the “Upload a file” option. Alternatively, you can use BBCode - see here.

Site Features

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This section explains about features offered by the site.

Something not working as expected?
JavaScript! Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that JavaScript is actually enabled in your browser’s settings.

What are “Alerts”?

Alerts will notify you of activity on the forum that might be relevant to you. They will appear when certain actions occur on the site, such as:

  • Someone quoted your post, or @tagged your name in their reply.
  • Someone liked one of your submissions.
  • Someone has started following you.
  • Someone wrote a message or commented on a message on your profile page.
  • Someone commented on a message you posted on someone’s profile.
  • Someone posted in a thread or forum you are watching.
  • You were awarded a trophy by the website.

These Alerts are annoying me! Is there anything I can do?

You can filter the types of alert you receive from the website to only ones that are important to you. You can do this here. You may also disable alerts entirely by un-ticking all of the options.

I’m watching a thread and I’ve got an alert for it, but when I look, there are several replies! What happened to the rest of the alerts?

You will only receive one alert when a thread is updated. If further replies are made, you will not be alerted until you have viewed the thread and “read” the new posts. The feature exists to alert you when the thread has new content for you to read - not the quantity of content you have yet to read.

I had several alerts and I clicked on the first one, but now they’ve all gone! What happened to the rest of my alerts?

Alerts are dismissed “Facebook style” - when you’ve viewed the list of alerts, the counter re-sets. You can view old alerts for the last few days here.

What does it mean when you “watch” something?

If you are interested in a particular topic or discussion, you can “watch” it - this allows you to subscribe to any updates in that thread. You can choose whether or not to receive email updates on thread you are watching. When you watch a thread, you will receive alerts when a reply is made to that thread.

What is “following” someone?

You know when you follow someone you like on Twitter? Same principle. Each member gets a count of how many people are following them and who those people are. While you are following someone, their activities will appear on your news feed. To follow someone, click on their username to view their profile card - simply click “Follow” once that appears.

What is “ignoring” someone?

Ignoring someone means you will no longer see their messages or activity on the forum. You might wish to use this if you find another member of the forums being unfriendly - marking people as ignored also gives the site staff an idea of who is pushing-away other users. You can manage your ignore list by clicking here.

Note: Adding someone to your ignore list also prevents them from Starting Conversations (Private Messages) with you.

What are “Trophies”?

Trophies are awarded for reaching various milestones and completing certain activities on the forum, as listed here. When you are a newer member (below 100 posts), trophy points define your member title - the more trophy points you have, the more “senior” your title unless you specify a Custom Title.

What are these “Conversations” you have on the site?

Have you heard of “PMs”, “Personal Messages” or “Private Messages”? Conversations are essentially the same thing - a personal conversation specific to two or more people. Only people invited to conversations may see or take part in them. To start a conversation with someone, view then profile and then “Start a Conversation”.

Can I change the theme of the website?

Sure can! Follow our tutorial.

What’s this Member Map? Can I join it?

The Member Map is an opt-in map with the locations of our members. To add yourself, click the “Add or Update Location” above the map and find your location. Accuracy is to nearest town only, so fear not - people won’t be able to find your road. You may remove yourself from the map at any time.

Do you have a mobile website?

Not yet, no. This is something the developers of our software are working on. You can access our site on-the-go from our full-featured site with your Smartphone, or you can purchase the Tapatalk app for Android or iOS.

Posting Etiquette

This section gives you some hints as to “what”, “how”, “when” and “why” to reply to things.

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I want to contribute to a thread but it hasn’t been active for a while. Should I reply to it, or should I make a new one?

Where possible, it is always better to revive an existing thread, provided you have something of importance or relevance to justify making the topic active again. By replying to a discussion, you will bump it back to the top of the forum.

A discussion shouldn’t be replied to if your only response is “Lol yeah, I agree.” - the discussion you reply will cause the thread to be bumped to the top of the forum with nothing of significance added.

I want to revive a thread with new information, but the thread has been locked.

If you have information relevant or important to the topic at hand, then contact a Moderator and ask them to re-open the thread. They can review the reason as to why the thread was locked. If the reason for the closure of the thread is other than to prevent off-topic or pointless thread revival, they can inform you of this.

Can I post short clips from the show?

Yes, you can. It is assumed that a short clip is considered a fair use of copyrighted material.

Can I post episodes?

You can post short clips from episodes to get your point across (considered as a fair use of copyrighted material). You should not post links to or embed full episodes, though. This can be classified as piracy or copyright infringement.

Is there a Pony News Area or Thread?

Seen something interesting? Make a thread about it! We may consider having an RSS feeder in the future (the forum would create new threads automatically when new news is found), but seeing as we’d have difficulty ensuring the news is accurate or appropriate, it is currently best to allow you (our members) to decide what is news-worthy and what isn’t.

I’m posting in some thread, but my post count isn’t going up. What gives?

Some forum areas are set not to tally posts made in them to your profile’s post count. This is because the areas concerned are considered “spammy” areas. This is true in the “Forum Games and Randomness” area, where the flow of messages can be very fast-paced and the posts there are not considered important.

Are Character Appreciation threads just for pictures?

These threads are to discuss or appreciate specific characters in the show. Many of them, however, have become image dumping grounds. If there is demand for it, an area dedicated to constructive discussion of specific characters may be created.

Can I post non-pony items up in the Trader’s section?

It is assumed that the services you are offering in the trading section are some kind of pony-related service - it could be some sort of merchandise, clothing, artistic commission or other service. If you’re trying to sell an old lawnmower, your best bet is on eBay, or, at a stretch, you can ask on our IRC channel.

Can I advertise my own pony forum here?

By all means. Note that if the content or basis of any link or embed has adult themes or promotes piracy, it should not be posted.

Is NSFW content allowed?

As “Not Safe For Work” suggests - if it shouldn’t be seen on your monitor at work, school, or otherwise in front of children or any professional situation, it shouldn’t be posted.

Can I place a warning or use a spoiler for NSFW content?

Nope. Spoiler tags are to be used for spoiler content and content compression only.

Is swearing okay? What words are okay?

We aim to keep things PG, so that everyone can use the site and not have to worry about stumbling across something they might find offensive - this includes swear words. As a general rule of thumb, any word that can be considered a swear word is not allowed to be used on the site. It is difficult for us to compile an exhaustive list of words as what is offensive to one person may not necessarily be offensive to another. On top of which, to publish such a list would be breaking the PG rule ourselves!

We realise that this isn't exactly clear, so if you're confused or have any questions, contact a member of staff who will be only to happy to point you in the right direction.

Can I link to a deviantArt account?

Sure. Please don’t link to accounts or galleries that contain adult images, though.

Community Conduct

This section goes into detail about community moderation.

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The rules mentions something about “Backseat Moderating”. What is this?

This is when a member attempts to tell-off or discipline another member for breaking the rules of the site, or when a member attempts to predict moderation. It’s okay to point-out feature-related errors, such as how to use the quote and edit tools, for example...

This is okay:

“If you click the “reply” button, it will allow you to quote the person you’re replying to - and you can do this to several posts at the same time!”

This is not okay:

“Lol, you’re gonna get banned for that post.”

Instead of trying to dish-out your own justice, seek the advice of any Moderator, or use the report button - it’s what the moderators are here for.

Is Backseat Moderating really that much of a problem?

A policy of discouraging backseat modding is adopted by most major forums, to prevent rifts forming between members and to ensure a fair standard of moderation. If you make a mistake, or someone else makes a mistake, it is worse to make an enemy out of a friend because they told you off, or likewise, if you tell them off. This is what our moderators are here for, so moderation is done on a purely fair and objective basis, not so much a subjective one.

I've seen something I think breaks the rules. Can I report it?

Every post, profile message and conversation message includes a “Report” link. Click that and provide a reason as to why you are reporting the content. It will be dealt with by our moderators at the soonest possible opportunity.

I’m unsure if I should report something. What should I do?

If in doubt, always “err” on the side of caution and report it. If you report something with the legitimate belief that it may be against the rules, you won’t get in trouble for reporting it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Please don’t use the feature to bully or “revenge report” members you don’t like. If it is found that you are repeatedly submitting bogus reports intentionally, punitive action may be considered. Just like being on the Tube, the alarm button has a warning printed underneath: “Penalty for deliberate misuse.”

What happens if my content gets reported?

Your content will be reviewed by a moderator. If the report is found to be in error, no action will come of it. If harsh language is found to be in your message, your message may be toned-down a bit or modified in accordance with the house rules. In some cases, offensive messages, or messages with no positive contribution to discussion may be removed. If any significant action is taken on your content, you may be informed by the moderator concerned, who will explain what has been done to your message and why.

Why was my message edited?

If your message is edited, this will have been because it broke one of the house rules. Where possible, we will always aim to remove or change only the content within a post that breaks these rules and not the entire post. Anyone who has quoted your message will also have their quotations edited to reflect the change of your message.

Moderators will usually provide an edit reason when changing your message. Depending on the situation, the Moderator concerned will usually send you a personal message saying what they edited and why. If you can’t see a reason, or haven’t been messaged but want to find out why, contact any moderator, remembering to link them to the post.

I've been messaged by a Moderator!

...and? What’s wrong if they’re just saying “Hi!” to you?

If your content was edited or removed (as described above), or you have done something, a moderator will explain to you what you have done and why it was necessary for them to intervene. Note that there is a difference between a moderator having a friendly word with you and being stern with you. A moderator won't tell you off unless it is clear that you are trying to be nasty or unfriendly to other members.

I’m unhappy with the way a Moderator has treated me.

Moderators are volunteers who have agreed to sacrifice their time to ensure that our members are kept happy and safe. There’s a chance they may just be having a bad day; we’re all human, after all. Always try to smooth things over with them first - tell the Moderator that you are unhappy with how they have spoken to you or how they have handled a situation and see if they can put things right for you.

If after this, you are still not happy, you may contact one of the Administrators directly. You can do this by Starting a Conversation, or by using the “Contact Us” form. Note that your situation will be handled in the utmost confidence and with as much impartiality as possible.

What happens if I get banned?

Bans are reserved only for the most serious offences - you will usually be given multiple notices and subsequent warnings before you have any chance of being banned. Sometimes, we may need to ban someone if they pose a threat to the other members of the community.

If you are banned, you will be prevented from accessing any part of the website except for our appeals service. Through the appeals service, you will be able to ask questions direct to the admins - to ask for elaboration on why you have been banned, how long you have been banned for and to appeal if you think you have been banned unfairly.

Why do some banned users have a strike through their name?

In some rare circumstances, a user may be permanently banned. Their user title will usually show this. Permanent bans are reserved only for spam bots, hackers, unrelenting haters and those who intentionally wish to bring harm to the community. Such a ban will only be issued after careful decision by the administrative staff.

Why do some members not seem to exist any more, but they’re not showing up as banned?

This is incredibly rare, but there are some situations where an account may have been deleted. This could be due to merging or migrating duplicate accounts, or may be at the request of the account owner. If the account owner requested a deletion, we are unable to confirm who the account holder was or their reasons for account deletion - this information is kept confidential for the user.

Account Queries and Personalisation

This section elaborates on features and functions associated with your account.

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What is a Signature?

A signature is a bit of information displayed at the bottom of each of your posts. It could be your signature, or some kind of useful information, link, or decoration. You can edit your signature by clicking here.

How do I get a Picture next to my posts?

See the next question - “How do I set an Avatar?”

How do I set an Avatar?

From the top of the site, hover over your username with your mouse. Inside the drop-down menu that appears, click “Avatar” on the left hand column. You can now either upload your own picture, or if you know what “Gravatar” is, you can specify the email address to the Gravatar you wish to use.

I've seen people with special titles. How can I get one?

Custom titles are a reward for members who have posted at least 100 messages on the site. You can see your post count by viewing your profile. Please don’t spam to unlock these features - they can be taken away if you try to cheat the system!

I’ve seen people with different colours on the forum. How do I get a different colour?

We use a handful of different colours to signify different account types on the site. This helps our members identify people that might be able to help them. The colours are listed as below:

  • Purple: Members and Established Members
  • Pink: CCG Card Game Team
  • Aqua: Trainee Staff (Not always applicable)
  • Green: Community Staff
  • Red Administrators
  • Grey: Banned Users

Unfortunately, because this system identifies user permissions across the site, it is not possible to allow members to set their own colours at present.

What do these different roles mean?

The various roles available on the forum are as follows:

  • Members: Any registered user of the community.
  • Established Members: Same as above, but has made 100 or more posts. Has access to greater customisation tools and lighter limits.
  • IRC Moderators: Operator capabilities on the IRC chat service. Can kick or ban users from the chat service.
  • Roleplay Moderators: Supervisory powers in the Roleplay area. They can guide and mediate Roleplay scenarios and can approve, deny or retire Roleplay characters. Possess full post moderation permissions within the Roleplay areas only.
  • Junior Moderators: Basic front-line moderation permissions across the forum. Can edit messages and can flag messages for review by Global Moderators. Flagged messages will not be visible.
  • Global Moderators: Full forum-wide moderation permissions. Has access to all multi-moderation tools (Merge, Move, Delete, Sticky, Lock, Edit, Approve) and access to moderate profile posts and other forms of content. Can review reported content and content flagged for moderation. Cannot edit profile details.
  • Administrators: Full Moderation access as above. Full profile editing capabilities (Signature, Avatar, Title, Profile Info, etc.). Can manage forum structure. Can ban or un-ban users.

I want to be a moderator!

The best thing here is to get involved with the community! Make yourself known to others, get along well with people and be active. Those who are willing to involve themselves are more likely to be noticed. We usually select moderators with the policy “Don’t come to us. We’ll come to you.”

I don't like my username! Can I change it?

You may! Just ask any of our administrators and they'll be happy to change your username.

I joined via Facebook and don't want to use my real name!

We have the ability to change this - ask any of our administrators and they'll be able to change your username.

I made a mistake on my Date of Birth. How can I change it?

Ask any of our administrators - they can change this for you.

My email address has changed. Can I update this?

Of course. You can use this page here to change the email address associated with your account. Note that you’ll need to confirm your new address by clicking the link we send to your new address.

I’ve lost or forgotten my password, or I can’t log in. Can you help me?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can visit this form here to re-set your password. It works with either Username or Email address - whichever detail you can remember. If you’ve forgotten all of these details, or can’t reset your password, use the Contact Us form to ask for help.

My email address has been compromised! What should I do?

Change the email address associated with your account at the first opportunity. Obviously, we can’t help you recover your email address if someone else has gained access to it. If you cannot access your UKofE account to do this, Contact Us, and we’ll see what we can do.

I want to get rid of (delete) my account. How can I do this?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with just leaving your account inactive. If, however, you have a reason to delete your account, you should get in touch with an admin, who will then get you ready for the process of account deletion.

Note: If an account has a ban history or any record of illicit activity, it is not eligible for removal - we are required to keep information if it pertains to the prevention or detection of crime.

Trading Questions

This section offers advice on trading between members.

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Note: We are not a merchant, payment provider or payment gateway - we accept no responsibility for any personal loss, hardship or injury as a result from any trade listing, proposal or sale. If you risk getting scammed, it is up to you to make sure you take the necessary precautions to minimise any risks.

Considering that the community is tight-knit and that any reputation of dishonesty will spread like wildfire, the chance of scamming is relatively low. The following should be regarded only as advice based-on common-sense and typical trading practices.

Someone is offering to sell me tickets to an event. Should I trust him/her?

If they are selling tickets to a convention, then do your research first - check if the convention has a website and check their FAQs to see what their policies are on re-selling or exchanging tickets. If in doubt, email the convention operators. Remember that the threat of ticket touts is very real, so don’t exchange any money or goods unless you absolutely trust them and have been given evidence that the tickets are in the seller’s possession to be sold.

How do I prevent scamming?

Before considering any trade, make checks to see if the other person involved in the trade has a good reputation. Can anyone with a good reputation or anyone you know well vouch for this person? Always try to use a secure payment gateway such as PayPal, which allows you to dispute fraudulent transactions.

The trader claims they’ve sent my item, but i’ve never received it. Is this a scam?

This is unlikely, but if an item gets “lost in the mail” or damaged in transit, this will not fall to the responsibility of the seller. If an item is of value, always consider having the item sent as a Recorded Item or Special Delivery - the whereabouts of the item can be tracked online and if the item fails to reach the recipient or is damaged, the accountability falls to Royal Mail, who will reimburse for the value of the item.

I think I’ve been scammed!

If you read our previous advice before engaging in a transaction, you should have the necessary precautions in place to open a dispute and recover your money. If the other party fails to address the dispute, you should win by default.

Note: If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, please contact a site administrator. We will be able to de-list anything being offered by the scammer and can restrict their access to the community, so they won't be able to scam others.

Meet-Ups and Events Questions

This section provides information about meet-ups, events, expos and conventions.

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Are there any requirements for attending meets?

Just make sure you read the attendance guidelines - these are defined by the law as well as common sense and apply to all meets. Please also read the details post specific to an event, as the event organiser or venue may have additional considerations in place.

What usually happens at meet-ups?

Meet-ups will normally take place at an agreed location - see the Confirmed Event Details forum on the site for these. The activities can vary greatly, but a typical meet may involve a drink at a coffee house, a meal at a restaurant or a browse at one or more shops. Please see the individual event listings for these details, though - this FAQ alone can’t pre-empt what people might have planned for an event!

How do I find out if there’s a meet happening somewhere?

Visit this forum and look through the event forums. You’ll be able to see planned meets, suggested meets, as well as past meets and feedback from past meets. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you may start a thread in the “Proposed Events” forum to see if there is any interest in a meet for a particular location. You’d be surprised - see if you can get the ball rolling!

Where can I find out about future conventions?

If a convention team has submitted information to the site, then assuming the event has the necessary provisions and insurance to be safe, it should be listed just like any other event. You would be able to ask questions and discuss the convention in the discussion thread provided.

Who can organise an event?

Well, anyone can! You just need an idea, some enthusiasm and a solid plan. If you are planning an event, first create a proposal in the “Proposed Events” area, to garner interest and to gather ideas for a potential meet-up. Once you’ve got something solid, you can get your event listed in the “Confirmed Events” forum. Don’t be too ambitious, though - you don’t want to do anything dangerous or illegal and you don’t want to strand people or “stand them up” by failing to communicate or organise properly.

How do I avoid getting lost at an event?

Many, if not all meets, will arrange a starting point at a major transport hub - usually a local train station. The most accessible form of travel for most people is rail and stations normally have bus services too. When in doubt, try to head to the meeting point a little bit early - any groups in the area should become obvious. If you have doubts about this, see if the event organiser is prepared to give you a phone number in the event you can’t find the group or if you get lost.

If you’re new to meet-ups, always try to go with someone you know and trust, so if you do become lost, you won’t be alone.

Other Stuff

This section is for everything else.

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Can we have a new forum area for X, Y and Z?

Our forum structure has been considered carefully. Each area is specific enough to cover a certain area of discussion, but also generic enough to allow a good number of topics of discussion. There are “General” and “Miscellaneous” areas for topics that don’t fit into any other forum area. If, however, there is big enough demand for a specific area of discussion, we may opt to create a dedicated forum area for it.

We won’t create new areas, though, unless there is proven interest for a topic or theme. If we did that, there would be loads of near-empty forum areas with only one or two discussions in. What would be the point in that?

Is there any point suggesting new ideas? Do the techies ever listen to ideas or implement them?

If there weren’t any ideas in the world, we wouldn’t be going anywhere. Think of the wheel, sliced bread and bacon. We’re happy to discuss and consider any ideas you might have - place them in the Community Suggestions forum. If we like the idea enough, it may be implemented.

Features and other ideas will be considered based on demand, how practical they are to implement, whether they’re costly to implement, if it could be considered “gimmicky” (for life, not just for Christmas), if there are any questions concerning legality and other such factors.

Obviously, ideas such as “Run for the next Mayor of London” won’t be acted on. We appreciate the suggestion, but nobody can (or should ever try to) out-seat Boris.

Do you play any games?

What kind of games? Posting games? Role-playing? RPGs? Shoot 'em ups?

What about posting games?

Check out the “Forum Games and Randomness” section.

What about Minecraft and Team Fortress?

Check out our services page.

What are “Queen Golds?”

A nickname for Pound Sterling (GBP). May be abbreviated to “QG” or “QGs”.

What is “The Moon”?

This is the ban forum - as described in one of the sections above, it is where banned users may appeal.

What is this “Jakey” I keep hearing about?

Scottish terminology for a hooligan or alcoholic. Most frequently associated with Absentia.

Why is there an obsession with the drink Irn Bru?

Read the next question.

Why so much love for Scotland?

Our site has had its fair share of Scottish influence - lingo and otherwise. We’re not sure ourselves how it came to be, but now we just roll with it. We hope you can roll with it too! Besides, Irn Bru is awesome (again, we refer to the drink).

I’ve read this entire FAQ and you haven’t answered my question. What now?

If your question is about how to do something, where to find something, or difficulty finding or using any feature of the website, you can ask in the suggestions forum. If it’s a question on whether you are or are not allowed to do something, or it’s something personal or private, you can contact any of the community admins, or use the Contact Us form.

We have tried to answer most of the popular questions here. If there’s something on this FAQ we’ve left-out, then feel free to let any community admin know.

11 February 2013
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