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We have started trialling Discord for our community chat services. Our Discord Server is free to join and free to use, and supports both text chat and VOIP (voice chat), potentially replacing our need for IRC and TeamSpeak (the latter costs money for us to run).

Additionally, Discord has native Android and iOS support and allows push-messaging - something that both IRC and TeamSpeak lack, allowing you to participate from anywhere.

All of our other services will continue to be available during the trial, but from a point of accessibility, it is expected that Discord will become the main point-of-call for our members and staffers alike.

Like all our other services, our Discord Server follows the UKofE House Rules. Our Number One assistant, SP1K3-B0T, will automatically mute and report any rule-breakers or spammers, so be warned!

For Legacy IRC connection details, scroll down the page.

Click to Join our Discord Server!


IRC Channel

If you are an old-timer or just feeling retro, you can join our IRC Channel hosted by

The chat is at the bottom of the page. If you are a first-time user (welcome!), then please read the following info:

  • The IRC chat operates under the same rules as the rest of the site.
  • Due to the way IRC works, nicknames on IRC are not linked to forum accounts. We recommend that you register your nickname on the IRC service so that no-one else can steal it. To register, type:
    /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [e-mail address]
    The e-mail address is so that you can reset your password if you forget it. Note that we cannot reset your password for you if you forget it!
  • The IRC staff can be identified as any user with &, @, ~ or % in front of their name. To send a private message, type:
    /msg [name] [private message goes here]
    The &, @, ~ and % symbols are not part of a user's nickname, so don't include them when typing nicknames. Most of the staff regulars has a computer idling on IRC most of the time, but may not be at their computer - it is best to message someone who has shown recent activity. If it's urgent and you don't get a reply after a few minutes, try messaging someone else.
  • Unlike the forum, IRC doesn't have spoiler tags to hide text. If something would go in [spoiler] tags in the forum, please don't post it to the chat. The channel topic will indicate when it's OK to post spoilers for a particular episode.
  • Please do not run bots on the channel without approval from the channel staff first.

Open a Web IRC Chat

Advanced (Nerdy) Connection Details

If you have your own IRC client, you can use these connection details:

Ports: 6666-6669, or 6660-6665 with SSL
Channel: #ukofequestria

(Updated 5th June 2016)

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