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London Pub Party - 21st April 2012

A debrief for the London Pub Party event.

London was once again invaded by Bronies, this time our point of impact was The Horse Bar, South of The River. While the weather was uncertain, our spirits were anything but.

The day started with a pre-meet at Waterloo station, where everyone but the organisers gathered while the final preparations were being made at the venue. Come 12pm, the group began the short trek to the bar. Shortly after, we all funnelled in to start the good times. To say we had a good day is a massive understatement. The bar was hoping to make at least £500 ($800 USD) as we rented out the entire ground floor. We cleared that margin within two hours.

Events during the day included a pony quiz, craft tables, the UKofE podcast being recorded live (much like the Nottingham meet), A vote for the best episode of Season 2 (and then watching it - A Friend in Deed), Karaoke, a Sonic Rainboom Riff, and a pony drinking game, and not to mention the LiveStream of the season finale. I’m fairly sure during that, everyone was united by the magic that is FRIENDSHIP.

Our attendee registry system reported 100+ attendees (final count at 113), which, given that the entire idea was only in the beginning stages 3 weeks prior, is a pretty mean feat.

At the end of it, some Bronies went home, whereas others went to a nearby hostel and continued the fun and games there throughout the night.

-- KFrohman
26 April 2012
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