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A list of approved UKofE servers and services.

We run a selection of game servers and other services on behalf of our members.
Some of these services are operated directly, and some are operated by members of the community.

Note: Like our forums, the services below are reactively moderated, unless otherwise stated. Use of the services below will be monitored in order to prevent abuse. Community Rules apply for all services.

TeamSpeak 3
TeamSpeak can be used to participate in voice chats/conferences with other users in dedicated rooms or 'channels'. Text messaging is also available.

Official Server: ts.ukofequestria.co.uk
Managed By: UK of Equestria (Official)

A popular free-roam game featuring a sandbox world with resource gathering and crafting.

Server #1 - Survival: shadowvault.nitrous.it or
See Minecraft thread for rules and details.
Managed By: UmbraFlare (Mod), On Behalf of UKofE.

Killing Floor
A co-operative wave-based zombie shoot 'em-up game.

Main Server:
Managed By: KFrohman (User), On Behalf of UKofE.

Additional Resources
UK of Equestria is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Steam Group: External Link
The official Steam group for UK of Equestria.

TeamSpeak 3: External Link
The official site for the TeamSpeak platform.

Minecraft: External Link
The official site for Minecraft.

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    Established in December 2011, UK of Equestria is one of the longest-running communities for UK fans of Friendship is Magic.

    We operate a bustling discussion forum, organise meets and events across the country, and also provide chat, TeamSpeak and various gaming services for our members to make use of.
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