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The Mane 5 (Admins)

These people have administrative privileges on the website - they either founded the site or were promoted in recognition for their support to the community.
They can perform bureaucratic tasks on the site and can make changes to user accounts.

Hey there! The name's Alteran. I'm the technical wings behind the website. When there are improvements or fixes to be made, I'm the one who needs to implement them. I have access to all technical resources - the forum back-end, our web server, our Teamspeak server, and anything else that has the capacity to die catastrophically. If you have any problems with the website, you should contact me first.

I am based in London, as a full-time student and a full-time summer employee. Unsurprisingly, I will try to involve myself with any London meet-ups!

I like Team Fortress 2, Stargate, and Coldplay. What more is there to say about me?

I’m the B to the E to the N – J – Y,
I always wear a suit ‘cos I’m a dapper kind of guy,
I’m Benjylicious.

When I’m not involved in ponies, I’m a professional author and Kent Uni graduate who enjoys all kinds of books, films, video games (Fallout FTW!), Lego…and being “the most handsome Brony in the world.”

I also organise the monthly ‘Bronies @ the O2’ film meets.

Trill pony! I was a child of the 80s (and if you are a DS9 fan, you'll know how old Dax is!)

Ponies aside, I'm into science (particle physics), and all kinds of arts and crafts - in fact I have too many hobbies to keep up with! My fiancé BRJ and I run a comic book and nerd-merch shop (because we love MCM so much we wanted to have kind of fun everyday!)

My personality ponified is Twinkie Derp! (nerdy, random and clumsy) and I love to encourage learning and creativity in everypony. If you ever need somepony to talk to about anything, just PM me, I'll be there to listen and advise if I can. I want to leave the world a better place than how I found it.

Well howdy do!

I'm Max Apogee (though that's not really my name :-)) I'm UKoE's resident jack of all trades (master of none!) I'm a qualified forensic investigator ... sort of, photographer, scientist, zookeeper and I occasionally stack shelves in a supermarket. When I'm not doing any of that I can often be found sewing cuddly ponies, gaming or watching movies.

You can usually find me floating about the board and I organise the forum's Parties In The Park, which so far have been all sorts of fun and I look forward to more fun in the park in the future. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do to help :-)

Hey there, name's Silvarrn. I'm a One trick guy with a passion for computers and ponies. I'm supposedly in Education as it makes a good hiding place when everyone is looking for you, and a perfect excuse to hide from awkward social gatherings; But I'm a surprisingly socialable person and I have great joy in talking to everyone and making sure everyone is okay! My evil lair can be found in a small town just outside Reading and I try to make most big meets in the South East. I'm on Steam, Twitter and Facebook most the time if you want to contact me quickly [All have the same name as here!] :-)
These people have global moderation privileges on the website.
They can perform moderation on content across the website, and can also give members advice.

Oh hi! I'm everyone's favourite heavily caffeinated, glowing pony. Normally found lurking near your local coffee pump.

When I'm not busy studying for a Master's in Mechatronic Engineering (*giggle* studying), I'm normally found reading or online gaming. Maybe, the odd time, checking out a pony forum.

When I get bored of pwning noobs, I like to relax with a bit of Pokémon on my 2DS (big Pokémon fan).

I'm always happy to help, if you ever have a question, feel free to PM me.

I was born and lived most of my life in the United States, but in 2008, I traded the grey and rainy skies of the Pacific Northwest for the grey and rainy skies of the UK. :p

I saw my first episode of MLP in 2011, but I didn't start watching the series properly until 2013, just after Season 3 ended, and I've been a big fan of our beloved colourful equines ever since. I'm also the resident Twilight Sparkle nut, because she's the cutest, smartest, all around best pony! (Okay, I stole those words from Pinkie's "Ticket Song", but it's still 100% true.)

Non-pony interests include computers, Linux, learning about science-y things, Minecraft and anything containing large amounts of caffeine.

On the forum, I can mostly be found in the Pony discussion areas and the Miscellaneous section. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, my message box is always open.

Heya, names Eiro, am a very layed back and relaxed brony you will always find me with a positive demenor so no worries on that end, i hope i can be a big help to people on the forum i will certainly do my absolute best and will be open to help and advice or even just a chat at anytime im on just strike up a conversation and ill be happy to help out.

As far as interests and pass times go there pretty genereal, video games ill play most games with a few exceptions (COD and football spring to mind), there is also card games though that is kept mainly to yu-gi-oh and vangaurd but im a little out of date on both due to money shortages there are more just none worth mentioning, and since i joined this site ive also been getting back into drawing when i feel like and have been enjoying it again as opposed to only doing it when people wanted me to.

Hi there! I'm electrokitty, resident coffee, computing, electronics and space enthusiast. I'm currently studying BSc Computer Science at the University of Reading.

Personality wise I'm a bit of a cross between Twilight and Fluttershy; I'm a big geek but also fond of animals and a little bit shy. If you want to get hold of me, feel free to send me a PM on the forums if you have any questions or just want a chat. I'm also a regular on the IRC chat service.

I'm a frequent attendee at meetups and conventions (and I've organised a few myself too).

Favourite ponies are Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Luna, Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch.

Hello; I'm Loganberry.

That's all I need to say, right? ...oh. Okay, then. I do a lot of writing and sitting in front of computers most days for throughly boring reasons, but these days I do a lot of the same things most days for MLP-related reasons too. On balance, MLP-related reasons are more fun. Because pony.

Hobbies include squeeing at Fluttershy, writing pony fanfic, being older than you (probably), retrocomputing, meteorology, watching motorsport, watching and *very* occasionally playing cricket, reading, more reading, steam railways, eating crisps and drinking tea. I've not yet worked out how to combine all these things at once.

I'm often to be found at my local ponymeet in Worcester, and I do turn up at the occasional convention, so do come and say hello if you like. Or drop me a PM. Or just shout very loudly. That works too.

Hi all! I'm the local computer wizard, also known as mattyhex or just matty.

Fluttershy is best pony.

When I'm not busy doing various types of wizardy with computers, you can find me knocking around here, on Skype and sometimes the IRC channel. I often make vectors about these little pastel ponies, or end up running around seeing other people, or watching other cartoons.

I'm normally around in the evenings if you ever feel like a chat!

Hello all!
I've been a fan of the show since November 2011 and haven't looked back yet! I also play the Collectible Card Game and like listening to fan-made music, and my favourite pony is Rainbow Dash!

I enjoy meeting other bronies and can be found at meet-ups around Scotland and the north of England, and occasionally further afield for big events or if I'm in the area, so feel free to say hi!

Enjoy the forums, and feel free to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to talk about!

Hey All! Umbra Flare here, or just Umbra if you prefer. I can normally be found sewing some new plush or costume design from the workshop I call home.

When I'm not popping out plushies I play computer games like Minecraft or Don't Starve, drink a lot of tea, draw or write.

While not a hugely talkative person, I do like to help and am (going by what my friends say) a very friendly person. So if you need help with something on the forum, feel free to drop me a line, if I can help I will, if I cannot then I'll see if I can find someone who can
These people are full forum moderators, but specialise in the Roleplay section. If you have any RP related questions, these are the guys to ask.

Hi Everypony. I'm Blaze_Midnight and am one of the roleplay mods on here, keeping an eye on the crazy stuff that can and sometimes does happen withing the various roleplay threads. If anyone needs a chat about what to do then I'm one of the guys that you can message and I will do my best to help you. Don't worry I don't bite that often (I keep a pack of biscuits near me most of the time so I promise you are safe)

A bit about me generally... well erm I don't really know tbh. I guess I'm a bit lazy when it comes down to real life things I need to do (still have drawings and plushies I wanna do but find I can't be bothered), but I don't mind a challenge. I'm also a gamer am on xbox live so if anyone wants to add me then do so if you want.

But if anyone needs someone to talk to about anything then I have no problems with that. I just like to help people with their problems if I can, so please don't be afraid to have a chat with me if you want to get something off your mind.

Hello there! I'm Fridge, and I'm one of the mods specialising in roleplay. I'll do what I can for anyone wanting to get involved from advice to just having a chat about how things work.

Well... What can I say about myself? Actually there's a lot but I don't want to be a bore, so I'll boil it down best I can. I own a comic book store, review video games, perform and teach circus skills (on fire and otherwise) on a semi-professional basis, play tabletop games, write on occasion and am a political, social and environmental activist.

I know it's already been said but it bears repeating, feel free to hit me up whenever you want to talk regardless if it's just shooting the breeze or something more important.
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Awaiting Staff Bio...

Awaiting Staff Bio...

Awaiting Staff Bio...

Hi I'm Urioxis/Jesus/The Dude

I'm never very good at writing these things so bear with me. I'm a software developer by day, with a desk full of ponies my daughters bought for me, and yes, I do answer to Jesus after years of people in the street shouting "Look, it's Jesus".

I'm a bit of a Twilight Sparkle really in that I'm a massive geek and am addicted to learning stuff, especially if it's got anything to do with science, technology or computers.

I'm usually on IRC and Skype while at work during the day and I'm always happy to try and help anyone with anything or even just give a sympathetic ear if needed.
These people are full form moderators but specialise in looking after our Teamspeak service. If you have any TS related questions, these are the guys to ask..

Name: Amy but you can call me the Squee Queen.
Age: younger than the PS1. (Youngest mod achievement get)
Gender: female.
Job: College procrastinator and professional squee.
lives: End of nowhere AKA Cornwall.
Likes: TeamSpeak, cutes, romance, food and games.
Hates: bees, wasps, that hedgehog and potato's.
personality: crazy squeeing mod who loves cutes and romance.
made: 1 cup of sugar, 11 cups of love, 8 eggs, caramelldansen, 2ml of milk and a belly wub.
Favourite film: Citizen Kane
Favourite fic: Allegrezza

Been dreamin', I've been waiting to fly with those great ponies! (Darude Sand) Storm (420) Blaze(ing) here, Artist, Singer, Furry, Teamspeak mod and Resident Wonderbolt fanatic, which mostly revolves around Soarin. I'm usually the loud crazy one on TeamSpeak, or when it's quiet, the *human* Radio until more people turn up.

What else do I really say about myself? I like to see myself as a Rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch personality, but there are days where I'm not so mental. I love playing games, but hard to find time for them these days as I'm usually working on artwork. I'm part of the UKofE GTA crew that scream chaos down the mic, which is always entertaining. Feel free to come join us sometime. If you ever need help or wanna chat on TS, just poke me when I'm there. I usually reply. I also have been known to give advice and pointers to the furry/fur curious members. Or just come listen to "Radio Stormy" when it's not so active. I like to have an audience.

Awaiting Staff Bio...
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