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A collection of wallpapers related to the website.

500k Competition - Winning Entries
A while back, we announced a wallpaper competition to coincide with the 500k message milestone. We received many good entries. Out of the submissions that didn't break our guidelines, the ones listed on this page were either decided as winning entries, or of honourable mention.

Winner: awesomeluna

1920x1080 (PNG) - 1920x1080 (JPG)
Being a simple and minimalistic design, awesomeluna's submission was awarded the most votes because it looked clean and un-distracting - how a wallpaper is meant to be.

Finalist: MattyHex

1920x1080 (PNG) - 1920x1080 (JPG)
MattyHex's submission was given credit for being minimalist, while subtly incorporating the community's 'unicorn' vector. It looks similar to that of a default desktop found on Linux operating systems and appealed to our 'nerdy' side

Finalist: SidekickCupcake

1920x1200 (PNG) - 1920x1200 (JPG)
Sidekick's submission got a thumbs-up for being one of our only submissions that had a hand-painted feeling to it, all the while incorporating OCs (Original Characters) from around the community.

Noteworthy: Aurum Noble

1920x1080 (PNG) - 1920x1080 (JPG)
Aurum Noble's submission gets a noteworthy mention for making use of patriotism to highlight the community's roots.

Noteworthy: flutterfan

flutterfan gets a mention for making a design inspired by our website's header - the first thing people see when they visit our site.

Many thanks to everyone that entered!

Official Wallpapers
This is a collection of officially-supplied or approved Wallpapers. Artists are credited as appropriate.

1: UKofE 'Patriotic' Stylistic

White: 1920x1080 (PNG) - 1920x1080 (JPG)

Purple: 1920x1080 (PNG) - 1920x1080 (JPG)

Credits: Original design by PhantomBadger.
2: UKofE 'Two Sisters' Stylistic

1920x1080 (PNG) - 1920x1080 (JPG)
Credits: Original design by PhantomBadger.

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