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Comments on Profile Post by Inucroft

  1. Librase
    I bought it from BUCK and photographed her in the hotel that evening. She's photogenic. And I haven't got a better avatar :P
    26 September 2013
  2. Inucroft
    Its good, also a lil hidden info- BABW will within a few months be making a fluttershy bear.
    28 September 2013
  3. Librase
    This gives me many happies, thanks for letting me know!
    29 September 2013
  4. Inucroft
    Apparently due ~29th Nov (at least in the USA so the Uk is likely soon afterwards). According to my source

    -funny since i work in a BABW (UK) webstore and i have no idea what new stock we get...
    30 September 2013