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Comments on Profile Post by DynamiteMonkey

  1. Empress
    what do you expect me to do about it
    16 October 2014
  2. Princess Celestia
    Princess Celestia
    i know that feeling well just of late...
    16 October 2014
  3. Empress
    one of the few times im glad caffeine doesnt actually work on me
    well, it does in the sense that if i dont have any i get withdrawal
    but drinking it only prevents that, it doesnt make me hyper
    16 October 2014
  4. Moneybags
    Same with me Caffeine doesn't work because I am naturally caffeinated...
    29 October 2014
  5. Aethelberdia
    You need to take more drugs my friend
    Terrifying hallucinations tend to keep people awake
    16 December 2014