Comments on Profile Post by Nekky

  1. Loganberry
    Aw. Hope you feel better before long.
    6 May 2016
  2. Nekky
    i should, hopefully!
    just managed to put myself in a down mood, which i can't shake, even thou i have no reason to be. *hugs* thank you!
    6 May 2016
  3. Loganberry
    *hugs* You're welcome, as always!
    6 May 2016
  4. Oilyvalves
    Yup, hope you're feeling more upbeat soonish :). I managed to put myself in a bit of a down mood earlier this evening because the music I was listening to was pretty somber, but some fun upbeat stuff soon shook me out of it! And just generally enjoying some nice pony content always lifts my spirits.
    7 May 2016
  5. Oilyvalves