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Comments on Profile Post by Corduroy Road

  1. Blaze_Midnight
    What's wrong Corduroy?
    3 January 2017
  2. Corduroy Road
    Corduroy Road
    A thread you made, this 'What Annoys You.' I get so worked up every time I post there.
    3 January 2017
  3. Blaze_Midnight
    Ah.... I only made it cause stuff was annoying me at the time, and wanted somewhere for myself and everyone else to vent a little in.....

    my problem is, I now have way to much to vent about and I really don't wanna post my problems out to others atm.
    5 January 2017
  4. Corduroy Road
    Corduroy Road
    Which is the problem I'm having now. I need to tone my venting down a notch but it gives me empowerment to post these things. I mean, 14% of all my messages are on that thread.
    5 January 2017
  5. Blaze_Midnight
    If you need to vent, then go for it. 14% of your posts being there is a surprise though. But if there are things you need to get off your mind then it's understandable.
    7 January 2017
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