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2018 Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

Discussion in 'Episode Discussion' started by Loganberry, 27 September 2018.

  1. Steamworks

    Steamworks Honorary Pony

    7 March 2017
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    Still Christmas in Americaland, so I'm getting to it on time.Let's see how it goes.

    Even in Equestria procrastination reigns supreme.

    It is nice seeing Granpear again.

    And there's the infamous scene with Marble. Basically my reaction to Mac getting with Sugar Bell, too. Maybe Marble and I should go out drinking together to commiserate.

    Oh, wow, the castle and school really dominate Ponyville.

    You'd think Twilight would be more prepared than doing things at the last minute.

    Pinkie's into games of chance? Does she have a gambling problem?

    Pinkie is apparently part frog, too.

    Pinkie doesn't know what to get her pony? Couldn't she just consult her files?

    We all know what Limestone can be (even if the particular word isn't appropriate here), and she was in a box. Haha. (This may be my biggest stretch since the Canterlot wedding with Sweetie and Spike dancing together being a super subtle nod to Dashie's love of reading.)

    Shopping for Dash is hard? Just sports things. Done.

    Discord and Dash shopping. This could be bad.

    Come on, Flutters, you know those two.

    "Secret Gift Giver Grove"? That sounds intriguing.

    This Derpy strikes me as less capable than the one we saw back in Slice of Life.

    That's some face for pudding.

    Man, Equestrian comic books really like referencing Action Comics #1 on their covers.

    Is this colt a fashion farmer? He is.

    Now this is a new take on those 3 ghosts from A Christmas Carol.

    Is this gift some sort of Pulp Fiction deal?

    Hey, it's Hugh Jelly again.

    Have they done GI Joe nods in MLP before? Not sure I remember one before.

    And there goes that Flim Flam mess.

    And there's the element of generosity coming out. Also, isn't that hat similar to one of the AJ toys?

    "Twilynanas". Why wasn't this word brought up as much as the pudding face?

    Should've known Discord had some angle to that gift.

    Shining don't need no wings to be awesome, and he had a foal in tow.

    But is Pinkie going to also eat all the pudding?

    Flying V 3 string guitar? I guess I can allow it.

    I wonder if we'll get the songs from this packed up with the other Hearth's Warming songs and released as an album. The pony Christmas album did temporarily have an extended edition with the Hearth's Warming Tail songs, but those songs aren't available via Spotify anymore. Haven't checked to see if they're available for purchase still.
  2. Robshi

    Robshi Young Dragon

    24 August 2013
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    Decided to give this a rewatch after getting the DVD for it earlier this year. It is a pretty fun holiday special. One thing I did notice is that there were Mane 6 plush toys in the foreground during part of the song. Has Pinkie decided to make toys of her friends or have Flim and Flam become Hasbro? I must admit seeing them selling bad quality toys does remind of Hasbro, given their plushies are outdone by custom vendors readily, especially when it comes to cutie marks.

    "Commercialism is the greatest gift of all!"
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