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2021 G5 MLP Movie discussion

Discussion in 'General My Little Pony Discussion' started by Danishbrony2011, 15 February 2019.

  1. Steamworks

    Steamworks Honorary Pony

    7 March 2017
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    As far as what I think happened.

    Do the Mane 6 have to fail to get to G5? Imagine Twi not being immortal and creating the crystals to split power between the races after she's gone. Eventually, the ponies drift into complacency and start collectively forgetting the lessons of friendship. It'd just take someone exploiting the same weaknesses the Legion of Doom were picking at to start their race war to split the races apart again with no one to reunite them again.
  2. Loganberry

    Loganberry Element of Custard

    16 May 2012
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    Slightly belated, but I did see the film on release day and I watched it again this afternoon, so...

    I really enjoyed it. I am so, so happy that G5 kicked off on a really enjoyable note. Sure, the film isn't flawless -- it's got dents and it's got quirks. ;) The first act is nicely paced, then someone turns the speed up to 11 and the final act in particular feels rushed at times. Sunny is best pony, but Hitch was surprisingly good as well. Doesn't hurt that he's apparently got the Fluttershy critter ability! I wasn't a huge fan of Sprout, who maybe wasn't the strongest villain/antagonist MLP has ever had. On the other hand, I loved his "Angry Mob" song, which for me is up there with Sunny's "Gonna Be My Day" for my favourite song of the film. The voice acting was solid, the animation looked really nice -- and I so wish I could have seen it on a cinema screen! -- and I enjoyed the little hints of the MLP theme at times in the incidental music. Lots of missing lore still, but that's where fanfic comes in. :p Well, until the series starts next year. But overall? I still haven't solidified my rating, but I reckon it's done enough to be a "yay" movie. :)
  3. janglehooves

    janglehooves Proud to be an earth pony!

    18 July 2012
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    Well, I finally got to see it having shelled out for a streaming box (Netflix would NOT play ball with my version of Linux...). Was it worth the wait? Absolutely!
    Honestly, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and by how emotional it was at times. My greatest fear when the movie was first announced was that it would be a very clumsy piece of political polemic and I'm very pleased to say it didn't come across that way at all to me. There were political elements in there but if they were having a dig at near contemporary figures (there was maybe a slight hint of Trump in Sprout) it was subtle enough not to date the movie and not detract from it. The themes were universal enough not to exclude anyone, which is a very pony way of going about things... I was impressed with the writing over all, it managed to combine the action of the quest with plenty of more character driven moments. Yes, the pacing was a bit off at times but that was something G4 suffered from in most of the two parters so it didn't really bother me. I liked that fact that the return of magic wasn't dependent on uniting the crystals but on the actual ponies uniting. There was something very G4 about that and indeed there were quite a few moments that for me felt like "pony" as it used to be :). I also liked that there was an earth pony crystal as I was a bit dubious about the whole crystal thing when there only appeared to be pegasus and unicorn crystals.
    For me, the characters were always going to make or break G5 as the Mane Six were so important in G4. Happily, I liked them all with the possible exception of Pipp. Sunny is defintiely my favourite, earnest but not annoyingly preachy. Izzy was pretty much how I expected her to be (in a good way!) and is defintiely channeling Pinkie... Hitch seemed to be a genuinely nice guy trying to do his job under er... challenging circumstances! The real surprise for me was Zipp who I thought might be a brash Rainbow Dash parody but who turned out to have surprising depth. As for Pipp, as others have said she didn't really do a great deal and she came across as a bit shallow, almost a version of Rarity minus her generosity, work ethic and all the attributes that made her likeable to someone like me who on the face of it has nothing in common with her. I'm hoping in the series Pipp will get a bit more depth.
    Sadly, one of the most likeable characters, Argyle was basically "killed off" right at the start :(. It's still a bit of a downer for me, yes it made for some emotional scenes and yes his legacy lives on in Sunny but that sort of thing is getting to be a bit of an old trope by now and it robbed the movie of a great character.
    On a brighter note the songs were better than I was expecting. Daniel Ingram quality they're not, but they were pretty solid. I'd heard a couple in the run-up to the release and I wasn't that impressed but there was a bit more variety in the movie itself. I quite like "Gonna Be My Day" but my surprise favourite was Sprout's angry mob song!
    I will probably have more to say when i've seen the movie again as there was quite a lot going on and quite a lot that went unexplained but on the strength of what I have seen I'd say G5 is a worthy successor to FiM.
    I would say definitely historical as Zephyr Heights appears to be built on the ruins of Canterlot
    It's nice to be discussing pony again! :D
  4. Bridle Timeout

    Bridle Timeout I Love Twilight Sparkle

    3 March 2013
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    Possible hot take... :p

    Izzy is a better Pinkie than Pinkie.
  5. Danishbrony2011

    Danishbrony2011 Honorary Pony

    17 March 2014
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    That´s right.
  6. Lydiasaurus

    Lydiasaurus The Girl With The Most Cake

    5 May 2012
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    I loved it and I'm excited for G5 :D except for one thing

    that dog and those bunny rabbits were irritating, I love doggos and bunbuns but these ones remind me of Illumination Entertainment, aggressively cutesy without being truly cute imo
  7. Oilyvalves

    Oilyvalves Railway Pony

    23 September 2014
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    Slightly late to the party (I was on holiday when the film came out!), here are my thoughts on My Little Pony: A New Generation. :)

    Initial impression on first viewing; loved it! A great deal of fun. And thankfully a second viewing this week didn't really change that either. I went in spoiler free, apart from the 'mane-5' character designs and a one-line premise of the film. I had the slight distraction of attending UK Ponycon (Sunday only) between my first and second viewings, but avoided reading any reviews until now.

    My spoilery stuff below (boy it's been too long since I got to do this :p):

    The animation looked fantastic. I know a lot of old cartoons have been adapted into photo-realistic CGI in the last decade or so (The Smurfs, Yogi Bear, etc). Ever since I got into FiM, I kinda hoped that one day pony would get that treatment, so it's really cool to see it happen. From what I've heard, the movie had a relatively modest budget. Which makes it all the more impressive; that, and the fact it was animated during lockdown!

    The story was fine, if a bit preachy. I can see that putting off some people unfortunately. Nevertheless, I was invested the overall outcome. My biggest gripe with the film came during the middle act. To me it was fairly clear the first 'attempt' with the 2 crystals wouldn't work, followed by a slightly drawn-out moping scene. I found myself wishing for the obvious third crystal to be found as soon as possible; thankfully it didn't take too long in the end. There was a lot of convenient times too where the crystals were lost/dropped as a way of prolonging the action.

    Moving those reservations aside, let's talk about the characters. I love Sunny and I love Izzy, simple as that :D. Favourite moments of the film are those 2 interacting with each other. Hitch is fine, he served his purpose. I didn't get as much out of Pipp or Zipp. The latter in particular was quite hard to place in my head. Before seeing the movie, I did hear mutterings of the obvious comparisons with the G4 mane-6. "Zipp is the new Rainbow Dash", that sort of thing. In actual fact, all the new mane-5 are their own character, which I'm pleased with. Their voices aren't nearly as distinct though. Izzy's is really the only one I can hear clearly in my head. That was one of the things about FiM that drew me in to begin with. Maybe a nuance of the differences between a cartoon series and a feature film?

    Sprout had some entertaining moments, but I also found a lot of his scenes back in Maretime Bay less interesting. Similar thing with Phyllis Cloverleaf really. Not the best villains overall. I wish Sprout received more retribution at the end, having wrecked Sunny's house and attempting to start a war.

    The music was great! I bought the songs on iTunes yesterday. Favourite of mine is probably Fit Right In; it reminds me a lot of You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray. I also really like that we have the full version It's Alright (the DDR one). Getting a mass sing-along of Danger Danger during UK Ponycon was also a special experience! The movie songs have a different feel to the 'Ingram' days, for sure. More modern and wider-appealing. The background score was also fantastic. There was a little motif played at times that really tugged at the heartstrings.

    The humour made me chuckle a few times. "Bing Bong" :D. Sprout's interactions with his "mummy". Pipp's social media antics ("I soooo wish I'd live streamed that!"). The awkwardly long "Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!". You get the idea.

    Overall, the movie left me wanting to spend a lot more time with our new mane-5. So in that regard, I think it served it's job rather well. Long live MLP!
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  8. Ace

    Ace plane horse

    4 August 2018
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    So.... where to start?

    First lets look at the characters! I really love the new so called 'Mane 5'. Sunny and Hitch are both joint as my two favourite characters, It's a really tricky one for me to decided who my 'favourite' character is but Hitch and Sunny are joint! Zipp's design is really awesome! Definitely getting some Rainbow Dash vibes from her although while she is sort of the 'new dash' in the case I'm happy that she has a personality which is not a clone to Rainbow if that's makes sense. Izzy and Pip are cool too but in hindsight I share my love for these characters all equally ^^

    Sprout is an interesting character, I like to think that Sprout was never really 'a' villain in the movie despite what others say. There wasn't really a 'villain villain' in my opinion he was just mislead and got hot-headed since he was temporarily filling in for Hitch the ego got to him I think.

    The animation I'll briefly say is as Pip quotes "Gorgeous" ! I mean it the animation is such high quality! And I'm really happy how it all came out!

    The story itself I thought was pretty good, I felt that it might have been a little rushed in some spaces but with the length only being 1h 30mins I can understand. Sunny's story as in being taught the story about Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi all used to living in harmony and her ambitions of making it a reality (again) is probably the reason why I like her so much. And the part when all 5 characters were around the campfire and Izzy showed/answered the reason why she came to Maretime Bay really lifted me! All the dots were connected and really brought a joy to me. Also the mass Izzy and Sunny moments during the film were pretty funny too.

    And how can I forget..... Mayonnaise!.......... BING BONG!! Now that cracked me up big time :D

    The songs for me were way past my expectations. Sunny's song 'Gonna Be My Day' Is a constant earworm for me but it's such a beautiful song :)
    'Danger Danger' for me is not that far away from being top with 'Fit Right In' Grabbing first place. 'Glowin' Up'' at first didn't really appeal to me but the more I listen to it the more I'm starting to like it! I'm Looking Out For You again another really beautiful Sunny and Izzy song ^^
    Not much to say about Alright another than it's just....alright, yeah lol same with Together.

    I know there's a lot more I could talk about but since I don't often do reviews I'm pretty happy with what I've got here. I'm really happy the movie turned out exceptionally! I give it a solid 8/10 and I'm sure I'll be rewatching it more that 5 times :D
    So after 5 weeks (I know I took my time right? lol) I have finally got around to a short review of the My Little Pony: A New Generation Film! :)
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    Last edited: 22 October 2021
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  9. Cloudane

    Cloudane Element of Mostly Excessive Verbosity

    24 March 2013
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    Good movie would watch again (sometime)

    It was as predictable as I predicted it'd be, but gets a free pass for being a new generation and generally being sweet and fun.

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