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Ponyville A New Start

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Mr J Bevan, 11 September 2012.

  1. Mr J Bevan

    Mr J Bevan Artist in Training

    14 May 2012
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    a new day dawned over a small house in ponyville, the windows paved way for the bright morning rays of sunshine.
    "Diamond! wake up! today's the day we move to Canerlot!" a loud mares voice echoed throughout the house, only a mumble could be heard from the other side of a patched and worn down door.
    "Come on! or you'll miss your chance to say goodbye to everypony!" another voice yelled, this time a stallions voice, making the house almost rumble with his voice.
    "okay! i'm coming!" shouted down the young colt as he stared out of his bedroom window, the morning sun making his eyes burn as he let out a long moan, stretching his hooves above his head while flying over his velvet blue cape, almost tripping over the boxes that are scattered over his room as he makes his way downstairs.
    slowly trotting his way down the stairs to be greeted by his mother and father, both unicorns with long silky purple manes and sky blue eyes, "morning!" Diamond mumbled through a drawn out yawn.
    "morning." they replied, almost in sync as they began to make their way toward the kitchen where the food had already been layed out over the carved table top. the smell of hay fries flowing past Diamonds snout as a wide smile spread over his face before questioning the pair of them,
    "okay. what's the catch?"
    "helping us move the boxes when we get to our new house, of course" replied his father, almost as if he thought Diamond knew his responsibility.
    "and un packing!" added his mother as she offered Diamond a seat.
    "fine, fine.." Diamond replied with his head bowed down, as if he had been defeated.

    the soft summer breeze brushing past Diamonds hooves, blowing his cape gently against the wind.
    "wonder what sort of house we have in Canterlot.." he begins to mutter to himself as he walks slowly through the streets of ponyville, smiling as he watches everypony else continuing with their lives.
    "what sort of neighbors will I have?" he continues to mutter under his breath, "what's my new school going to be like? what new friends will i meet?" Diamond raises his head to look little clouds floating through the sunny day. "why am I talking to myself so much.. heh.." he chuckles as he makes his way toward the town centre.
    "I wonder if anypony has any relatives in Canterlot or are from Canterlot that I could talk to about this." Diamond briefly says before turning the final corner and ending up in the centre of the town. he begins to walk past the stores that are soon to be out of his reach and begins to imagine what the new stores in Canterlot will be like.

    not sure if the opening is alright with characters other than my own, they only show up there and are not characters that I will use elsewhere. appologies for any inconvenience that causes >.<

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