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Other Adventures of The Phoenix

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Sharpster25, 15 July 2015.

  1. Mista Squishy

    Mista Squishy (ThatSquishyGuy)

    16 December 2013
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    Elise nodded and silently complied with Ani's request, too worn out from the painful flames of the wreckage.

    "I'm gonna rest in my bunk if you need me, I've got a little burn ointment i can use for my injuries. good luck Ani." She trailed off as Elise quickly headed to her bunk plunking her rear onto the bed, with a sharp quiet yelp of pain she quickly stood up again, sitting on a burn isn't very smart, she thought to herself as Elise pulled out her duffel bag from under her bunk. The Minotaur rummaged around for a small disk-like tin, pulling it out she popped the lid off and scooped her hand into the tin getting some engine grease-like ointment onto her hand as she tenderly applied it to her wounds. Luckily the burns were not bad enough to kill off hair follicles, so she was relieved to not be having any bold spots. Once she finished tenting her burns she wiped off the remaining ointment onto a tissue and laid on her bed stomach side down.

    "Ahhh... This should do the trick." The Minotaur sighed before closing her eyes.


    "General!" One of the radio crew called to Night Orb.

    "Yes, lad?" He replied as the stallion approached the seated pony.

    "We have news on the Phoenix... it's good!" The radio operator paused as he held one hoof to his headset, listening carefully. "message from the Lunar Star as follows: The attackers have fallen back to the main fleet to engage on the city. Most of the Princess' crown's crew are safely aboard the Phoenix with casualties."

    "That sounds like the closest thing to good news that we'll get kid, good work." The General patted the back of the radio pony before continuing. "Inform the Lunar Star to revert back to defend the city once the Phoenix is out of Manehattan airspace. ask the remainder of the Princess' Crown's crew to send a list of survivors once they're all ready and able." Night Orb sighed towards the end of the order.

    "Right away sir." The radio pony quickly got to work sending the message.

    Night Orb walked back over to the war table before turning to face all of the radio staff. "Round of drinks are on me tonight boys!" The General smiled as the room gave a brief cheer before getting straight back to work. They sure weren't slackers and the General liked that about them.
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  2. Sir Dave of Dave

    Sir Dave of Dave I'm not Dave!

    13 July 2014
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    Marr sighed, she had just finished readying the main gun only to find that the griffons have disengaged and were now out of range. She looked down the portside gunwale only to see that there were no other ponies manning any of the other cannons. This really is a low budget mission, she thought to herself as she stepped away from the gun. There weren't many ponies above deck, only the captain and a few deckhooves. Does any pony know what they're supposed to be doing here?
    "Captain!" she called, trotting over to Silent, "You may want to have a word with Nightwing about instilling discipline." She turned back around without waiting for a response, and headed below deck towards engineering.
    She found Wolf working on the starboard primary, it must have konked out during the fight. The power had at least been switched to the secondary engines, it's not ideal but it does the trick. "Need a hand down there?" she asked, fully intent on helping even if he said no.

    * * *
    Ani had finished dressing the unicorn's wounds. He was going to make it, but, it may be awhile before he wakes up, and even longer before he'll be any use. Of the other six unconscious ponies only one was suffering from something more than a minor burn. This young stallion can't have been any older than 16, what was he even doing on a military ship? His wound was nothing serious, a thin rod of steel had impaled his shoulder, somehow missing anything important. She didn't have the kit to properly seal the wound, she wasn't a surgeon after all, so she was going to have to cauterise it.
    Ani silently apologised to the lad as she heated up a metal spoon over her Bunsen burner. Once it was read hot, she quickly pulled the rod out of the lads shoulder an pressed the hot end of her spoon into the wound. The young earth pony grimaced at the pain and quickly woke up, screaming at the pain. "Shhhhhhh, it's alright." Ani said, hoping to comfort him, "You're in safe hooves now." After a few seconds of struggle the young stallion passed out again. Seriously, what are you doing here? She thought, as she applied burn balm to the now sealed wound, before covering it in a small bandage and moving on.
  3. Sharpster25

    Sharpster25 Honorary Pony

    18 August 2012
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    Silent kept the ship on course until they had left the Manehatten airspace, at which point Comets voice came over the VPS, “Captain? Message from HQ, The Lunar Star’s been ordered back to Manehatten to aid the defense, also they’ve requested a list of the names of the surviving crew from the Princess’Crown”

    Silent leaned into the mouthpiece on the helm, “Message received, thank you Mr Comet” As soon as the words left his mouth Silent watched their one remaining escort turn away and head back. Once they were on their own he leaned in close to the mouthpiece “Aw deck ‘ooves on deck!” He leaned back and waited for the response while mentally counting how long they took, over a minute later all the standard crew had finally arrived and waiting on him, he shook his head at the time taken, “Snow, take the ‘elm, keep us on course”

    She stepped forward “yes captain” Silent let go of the wheel and she took over. Silent stepped down from the helm and looked over his crew, he stayed quiet as he continued staring them down until they started shuffling their hooves uncomfortably.

    “So this is me able bodied crew?” he asked as he started pacing in front of them, “I ‘ave ter say I’m ….disappointed, over a minute ter get on deck?” he stopped and pointed at one of them “Ya there, talk me through the loadin’ and firin’ procedure of that gun” he pointed at the nearest cannon on deck.

    “Um, well….first you…. Um….” the stallion stumbled over his words.

    Silent scowled at him “Too slow, you’ll ‘ave ‘eld up the entire broadside of the ship an’ put everypony in danger wif that response time” He went back to addressing the whole crew “Na, lets see if ya can folla simple orders competently” he started pacing again “We took some ‘its on our escape back there, I’ll need a damage report asap. We’re also over capacity wif our guests from The Princess’ Crown, set them up the spare ‘ammocks. Dismissed”

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