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Ponyville An Invitation

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Rizae, 24 November 2012.

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  1. Rizae

    Rizae Rainbow Swag

    22 March 2012
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    Edit:It's live! Go go go!


    "Here, take one of these!" Heartstoker handed out yet another scroll to a passing pony, before continuing on her way seeking out more. Scrolls poked out from the saddlebags she wore on either side of her body, rustling as she trotted towards a crowd.
    'Heh.. so many more to go.. but I said I'd help out, and I'm sure not stoppin' now.'

    The text on the scroll reads:

    "Greetings, ponies of Equestria!

    You are invited to attend the event of the year, the Ponyville Hearth's Warming Eve Extravaganza. This all you can eat, all you can party. This get together will be held on December 1st. Invite your friends, prepare anything you wish to bring (food and drink will be provided, but any contributions are more than welcome) and get ready for the best party in Equestria this Winter!"

    (The address and other details are also listed)

    That's right, you have received an invitation! The party won't get started until December 1st, so in the meantime be sure to find your party hats and tell your friends! Hoping this will be a big event with as many characters as possible, whether you post in the RP section often or not, or even have yet to sign up. What better way to get started than a party? Consider it a chance for your character to interact with those they may not otherwise get the chance to do so with, generally have fun, and for those that love a bit of adventure there just might be a few strange goings-on. Maybe ;)
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