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[Bizarre Experimental Metafic]- Who's That Knocking at The Door?

Discussion in 'Fanfics & Writing' started by Redback Sigil, 9 April 2015.

  1. Redback Sigil

    Redback Sigil Resident brony sage, writer and on/off artist

    27 December 2011
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    So this was a startling success! After becoming kinda obsessed with Grant Morrisson's Multiversity comic series, I decided to try my hand at doing something similar to the latest issue, Ultra Comics, a comic designed to trap an interdimensional horror inside its pages, where the hero, powered by the collective consciousness of the comic's readers, could fight it. It was a weird, weird, awesome but weird comic.

    So I tried my hand at ponifying the story, to a version where the fic was written by the characters, as a way to ask the readers for help in fighting a similar menace. And it has turned into a bit of a sleeper hit for me. Less than 2 days old and already it has over 40 comments and several hundred views, that's a record for me!

    So here it is, my most experimental story ever.

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