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  1. Recurrent Trotting

    Recurrent Trotting Do you feel the same?

    30 March 2012
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    Name: Brine

    Race: Polar Bear

    Gender: Male

    Age: Mid-Aged

    Physical Description: He Looks Like a Polar Bear. Distinguishing features are a large leather belt with a shiny brass clasp buckle with a bear on the clasp and a leather harness round his sholders that joins a shiny brass ring at the centre of his chest (which he uses as a climbing harness).

    Special Talent:
    Brine has spent a lifetime finding and climbing large mountains for the fun of it all over Equestria and beyond. Unfortunately his bear-like boisterous personality has often led to a fair share of fighting, so he has had the chance to hone his natural fighting ability (though he is more beserker than soldier).

    Primary Residence: Hahahaaa :p (this is Brine laughing at the idea of such a thing)

    Personality: Boisterous, flamboyant, loud, generous (Brine is similar to Brian Blessed)

    Past/History: Brine was born in the far North in an insular, parochial community of Polar Bears who lived for nothing more than to hunt the seals and fish of their tiny island and count the number of ways all things that were not on their tiny island were not worth the worry. As Brine grew up he became bewitched by the promise of the distant moutains that would be revealed when the polar storms cleared during the brief sumer months and the tiny specks of large flying animals in the distance around their peaks. Eventually as a teen bear he said a tear filled goodbye to his mother (Snow Fall) a grunt to his dad (Sea Grit) and a last wrestle to his best friend (Glacier Flow) before leaving forever to follow his dream of conquering those mountains. He has been climbing and fighting ever since :p

    Written Sample:
    "Bear go! Mountain special to yak!" the large yak growled a final warning. In response Brine bellowed with laughter, "But I like it here!" At which the yak stomped its hooves in fury and charged down the steep mountainface towards Brine, its platted mane spitting snow. As it stormed towards him Brine clung to the mountainface, despite his bravado praying that the climbing spikes and his own blunt claws would be enough.

    As the yak warrior barelled into him he raoared with pain at the force of the charge but his gear held true. "My turn!" he responded cheerfully and, using the leverage of his strong forearms, wrenched the Yak upwards and hurled it bodily from the mountain and into a distant snowdrift.
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  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Looks like a fun guy. Enjoy using him in the roleplays.
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