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Past Bristol Hybrid Party Meet - Feb 11

Discussion in 'Previous Meets' started by Stormblaze, 7 February 2017.

  1. Stormblaze

    Stormblaze Purple song pone

    14 September 2013
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    Hi guys!

    I'm teaming up with the Severn Bronies to host my (early) Birthday party!

    Details are on the site and FB

    We're taking over The Lanes in Bristol on Feb 11th.
    The usual meeting spot is at Temple Quay's Starbucks from 11am, where Kim and Coaldust will start the meet up and head on over to The Lanes. You can come meet us over at the venue if you want to. Denz and I will be over there at the start.

    The Lanes is an awesome little venue right in the heart of the City Centre with its own Bar and Bowling alley. They do awesome food and the specialty is pizza! They also have a Karaoke room for hire - I know where I'm gonna be!

    It's a club by night and also a youth hostel if you need somewhere to stay over night (I've stayed there many times myself and it's absolutely fine and affordable).

    There is also an offer for local arty types to set up a small stall/table in a vendors corner we will designate.

    There's gonna be multiple things on offer to do;
    Laser Tag - which is right next door to the venue
    A few classic arcade games
    Artists' corner
    and lots of other little things through the day!

    Discussion thread is over here!

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