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BronyHub UK

Discussion in 'Links & Affiliates' started by Axle, 5 May 2012.

  1. Axle

    Axle Habitual Pony

    11 March 2012
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    UKoE has given all you UK Bronies a place to get together and chat
    now BronyHub UK wants to give you somewhere central to buy.
    We're now finally set with a link to Hasbro's preferred UK distributor, our store is all priced up, our first stock order has gone in and now the time is near...

    In around 2 weeks time our stock should arrive on our doorstep. An hour later it will all be up for sale (don't worry, we'll let you know) and if all goes smoothly, in your hooves as fast as the postal service can get it there!​

    I'd personally like to say thank you to everypony that's helped get us this far.
    Those of you that filled out the gDocs survey helped us gauge how much interest there would be for various items; those of you that got in touch with us to put in pre-orders helped us get the distribution account and those that will be coming back to us when all our Royal Wedding stock arrives all helped make this happen.

    Those of you that have already dropped by the store will notice that nearly all the prices are below the RRP for the products (some significantly so) and we intend to keep it that way wherever we can.​
    We're here for the UK Brony community to have an easy point of purchase for all their pony needs, not to make more than we need to run (besides, the less profit we make, the less paperwork there is. Have you tried filling out tax returns with hooves?!)
    It's already fairly clear which items we're going to need to get/get more of and hopefully we can even look at getting hold of some of the items that are harder/impossible to find in the UK, but that's where you all come in again.
    We need to know what you all would like to see in stock, even before it's available so we can plan. We also need you to stick with us, especially to start with, so that in the future we can present our figures to Hasbro and open a direct account with them which should bring our prices down even further!

    For now though, please feel free to drop suggestions and comments into the original thread over here or use the link above to email us directly and keep an eye out on the store! Blind Bags should be landing very soon!

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