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BronyScot 2014 - Feedback Thread!

Discussion in 'Event Feedback' started by anthony rothstein, 12 October 2014.

  1. Scout

    Scout New Pony

    12 October 2014
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    Okay I feel it's only right for me to reply here.

    I had a great day; didn't regret coming at all. I was only convinced by Taz(Octavia) and Nadine(Vinyl) a day or so before the con and I thought I'd end up just being really awkward-
    Boy was I wrong.
    Honestly everyone at the con was great- even all the big names were friendly and talkative. I felt right at home with everyone, my old love for MLP resurfacing.
    I didn't attend any of the panels but I do remember people saying it was quiet- even my yelling barely got though to the back.
    I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone while I was there but it seemed people enjoyed the antics that went on.
    The masquerade was great and the security heavy was a great laugh- love you, man.

    You better bet Scout's gonna be there again in 2015.
    Scoutcon 2015, anybody?
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  2. GeodesicDragon

    GeodesicDragon Prince Brublood

    12 January 2013
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    I'll try to be there with bells on!
  3. The Dark Horse

    The Dark Horse Recognised Pony

    12 October 2014
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    Here is my movie about my experience at the convention that I have finally put together! I was there with my two school friends!

    #63 The Dark Horse, 2 November 2014
    Last edited: 2 November 2014

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