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BronyScot 2017 wrap-up / feedback thread

Discussion in 'BronyScot Convention Discussion' started by Silver Broom, 28 November 2017.

  1. Eunos the Fool

    Eunos the Fool Proud Hater of Sparity

    24 January 2013
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    I'm definitely not Mad Munchkin... Atleast I wasn't last time I checked..

    But yeah, I'm not brave enough to go in and find me again >.<
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  2. Starfooty

    Starfooty Well-Known Pony

    12 November 2015
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    After a three months I have time for reaction. A few things was influenced by DerpFest in Moscow three weeks prior the BScot ad I was there for 3rd time. So I got really hard comparation in "east"/"west" convention type. Although this con is now more closer to the "east" - not so strict like (for example) Gala. Czechs came in separated packs.

    On Friday we were in cinema, then I drive to whisky distillery to fill up supply of fudge and came back to Culer's. There was obligatory meet with others. I cannot see a few known local faces. So I greet and talk a little with some others.

    On Saturday I arrive when opening already runs. So registration, see current year's merch and folks. Walking, talking, relaxing a most of day. Moontune got Kofola (again) and most has been drunk before closing. At community appreciation I felt like between old con-riders. Too much wide-known faces - Germans, Netherlands, Czechs, even Russian. And most of them was organizators. I cannot find Kez (still owns us the Red one) or "mama". Pity.
    To cosplay contest: Some was really great. Ember, Doctor and weeping angel suits (remember to go with the Doctor), Luna, ...But my opinion has been a little swayed by russian costumes. Look for some videos, they're good inspiration. And for Cosplay - in Russia every one has a little scene, but on this BScot it was really static. Even previous one has some of authors which do something. That girl with microphone doen't add.

    On Sunday I went to Glasgow Riveside museum (of transportation). I recommend it for any male. Really good afternoon. Then, with stop in hotel, I went to Rock Nessie. The largest problem was fans of Celtic. They were everywhere. Even queue in McD was at least for a half hour. But not problem of BScot orgs. But on doors when they wrote the previous day names of us and here the list is not available, yes, that's a bit. Good sets, unexpected duets, talking, meeting. And tiredness. So before final auction I left.

    On Monday I drive through Pentland and south of Glasgow and found - Moscow. In Scotland.

    Ad video: I see us. Reposting to cz forum.

    Edit: Video from Fang (cz/sk):
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