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Cardiff and Bristol - Severn Bronies Movie Meets - 20th and 28th October

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by Coaldust, 18 October 2017.

  1. Coaldust

    Coaldust Devourer of tasty Greenhoofs.

    22 January 2012
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    Hey folks! We have a pair of movie meetups going on.

    Release day - Friday 20th October in Bristol - https://severnbronies.co.uk/meet/my-little-pony-the-movie-premiere-meet

    Following weekend - Saturday 28th in Cardiff - https://severnbronies.co.uk/meet/my-little-pony-the-movie-in-cardiff

    If you're gonna book tickets for the De Lux in Bristol, use row K. Also, use this link https://www.showcasecinemas.co.uk/showtimes/showcase-cinema-de-lux-bristol to book as going by the movie page isn't working for some reason.
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  2. MattBas

    MattBas Well-Known Pony

    18 November 2015
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    I was at Bristol movie meet, it was nice meeting everypony who was there and watching the movie ^^

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