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CCG Tails

Discussion in 'MLP Collectible Card Game (CCG)' started by Recurrent Trotting, 19 April 2016.

  1. Recurrent Trotting

    Recurrent Trotting Do you feel the same?

    30 March 2012
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    I love the idea of the ponies getting together and solving problems in the CCG - it's one of the things that piqued my interest in the game, but obviously this theme has to fit the play style of the cards... and that can raise some silly scenarios (Rarity solves avalanche using fashion! :D )... so I thought it'd be funny to write up some CCG based stories, giving an outline of the sort of deck they're based on.

    A few rules:
    • It doesn't really work that they're both solving problems at the same time (as in the game). So I'll divide the stories between problem 1 and problem 2.
    • The player asking for assistance is the player whose problem it is.

    [Trixie's Deck is Magic/Pink and focuses on troublemakers which she defends with her events. Its starting problem is _

    [Luna's Deck is Orange/Magic and focuses on discard and exhaust. Its starting problem is avalanche.]

    • Start on Luna's Problem (Avalanche)
    The scene: Trixie is practicing her magic show in a canyon on dragon mt. Princess Luna is taking a scenic trot back from important royal business at dragon mt (magically sealing the cave so no more dragons take up residence).After a particularly loud firework from Trixie's show an onimous rumbling can be heard. Luna gallops as fast as she can but she is caught in... AN AVALANCHE :D

    Trixie sees her princess in trouble and rushes to help. Unfortunately she is caught in the avalanche herself.

    • First turn: Trixie plays a hydra troublemaker to avalanche.
    Trxie spies a low lying boggy outcrop. She point it out to the Princess, who runs towards it.

    • Second turn: the hydra flips up against Luna. Luna plays a chimera to avalanche.
    Luna whinnies in surprise as a hydra rears up from the bog. She gives Trixie a panicked look.

    Trixie points to a cave in the side of the canyon, which they both gallop towards.

    • Third turn: chimera flips up against Trixie. Luna plays Granny Smith [Respect your elders] to avalanche.
    Granny Smith, a member of the royal expedition by virtue of being a senior interested party, had followed after her Princess. Seeing Luna in trouble she runs to the Princess' aid and tries to draw off the Hydra... by sassing it :D

    From out of the cave springs a Chimera! It growls at Trixie, who backs away.

    • Fourth turn [trixie]: plays the event 'It's elementary!' (+1 pink/magic), flips, moves to the chimera troublemaker and then she plays Bon bon [side by side]. Luna plays the event Bale out, discards a card, flips, and causes Trixie to 'choose' (discard half her hand).
    Trixie examines the cave, like a pony Sherlock Holmes, and her detective skills are rewarded when she sees an earth pony with a sweetie cutie mark huddling in a corner.

    She pulls the pony towards her with her magic.

    "Together the great and powerful Trixie can defeat it!"

    She says. Bon bon gulps and nods.

    ...TBC :p

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