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Declined Character Aplication - Hearts Bloom

Discussion in 'Declined/Inactive Characters' started by Hearts Bloom, 8 August 2013.

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  1. Hearts Bloom

    Hearts Bloom New Pony

    7 August 2013
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    Name: Hearts Bloom

    Race:Pegacorn (Pegasus Unicorn hybrid)

    Gender: Mare

    Age: Mid-Aged

    Physical Description: Hearts bloom is a light yellow to creamy colored mare, she has forest green eyes and long vine like mane covered with leafs and blue carnations, her tail is long and bushy takign the apearense of soft vine like shrub also littered with leafs and carnations. often seen with her wonderbolt satchel slung over her middle her her wonderbolt medics badge pinned to her scarf that hangs loosly flowing about her neck, her lower legs are made of what apears to be wood that in covered in a whispy covering of vines, leafs and carnations, her horn also appears to be made of wood yet her wings appear to be made of layers of leafs that act like feathers.

    Special Talent: she has two talents both an inherited fmaly tallent that is healing other ussing nature based magic and her special tallent that allows her deeper knowlage of all kinds of plnt life as well as plant manipulatulation magicly. Her cutie marks is a pink heart intertwinned with two blue carnations with ap air of white wings adoring the heart and a medics cross set in its center.

    Primary Residence: a small farm/ park with an apocothary/ green grocers/ healing clinic set into it
    Personality: she is primarly shy when it comes to social situations unless surounded by friends although when working she stays focased on her work and tends to tyr not let her shyness get in the way, she spends her days tending to varios farms parks and gardens around ponyvale when she is not busy tending to the needs of the wonderbolts.
    past/History: born in canterlot to a sub captain of the gaurd an aurora paegasus by the name of knightrose and a dryad and unicorn by the name of summer bloom she spent most of her early life helping care for her younger sister and helping her mother tend to any injuried the royal guard or the staff in canterlot castle may have obtained, her mother sadly one day growing sick to witch no one could find a cure sending her fatheri nto a state of despresion her and her younger sister where seperated she was sent of t live with her aunt and uncle among the settler ponies of apploosa long before the town settling before finaly relocating her sister and moving to ponyville.

    before her sister got recruited by the guard back in cantelrot she stayin behind with her work on the land in ponyville where one winters wra up she was noticedby the leader of the wonderbolts spitfire as well as the pie adcted soarin for both her work at the wrap up and her help in keeping soarin suplied with home made pies.

    she was accepted into the wonderbolts academy under a medic and suplies position despite her shyness and overall unease around crowed her hard working and ever helpful attatude quickly got her through the academy where she became a fully fledged wonderbolt medic.

    Written Sample:
    Hearts bloom flew as fast as she could towards the wonderbolts training grounds the warm summers breeze whisking by her as she darted through the calm blue skies towards her destination, she soon arriving to the scene that cause her such urgency of flight.
    Soarin: "Bloom thank Celestia you are here one of the trainees got restless and blew the others out the sky we have allot of sprained wings and a few mild fractures we need you to look at."
    He indicating her towards the already crowded and bustling medics ward across the academy grounds.
    Bloom: "Y..yes sir i'll get on it right away Soarin s..sir."
    She quickly darting off towards the building and inside to see what could be done, inside she was greeted by many other medics but many where already busy running about trying t do best they could to calm the situation, not really noticing her calmly walk through to the worst cases up back.
    Nurse 1: Oh Bloom good your here we have allot of minor wounds but reason we called you is this one here."
    The nurse motioning her towards a badly charred looking cadet with busted wings obviosly the poor filly who caused this mess.
    Bloom: "I..erm..'ll see what I can do "
    She aprouching the uncontias filly upon the table with caution as she began to carefully levitate her herbal supplies and ointments onto a table near by as she set to work on the injured flier.
    On the bed layed a young filly obvpiosly quite new to the academy from her overall size and her charred looking lead pony badge, Her wings were wrapped up as was most her body but the more severe burn wounds did not seem to heal as most had hoped.
    Bloom: Lightning wounds... I..erm..have seen this before"
    She said to no pony in perticular as she set to work levitating the correct ointments salves and medcines form the table as she aplied each to the needed areas on the injured flyer to sooth pain, clean the burns and slowly heal the wounds caused by the lightning strike, Many hours passed but she eventual got through all then needed preperations and treatments combing her natural magic with the herbs and ointments to treat the young flier as its condition slowly improved and her vitals stabalised.
    Nurse 2: Thank you bloom I do not know what we'd do with out your healing methods at times"
    Bloom replies blushing slightly 2 I erm.. it's..erm okay.. I'm just happy to help, Let Soarin know hes next delivery for his order will be delayed a few days the dry weather is not a happy time for blueberries." she chuckles awkwardly as the nurse nods to her she heading outside.
  2. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    I think better spelling and story-rather than playscript narrative would do well. Also, the race is a bit iffy. Then again, I'm not the one who declined it, so I don't know anything.
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