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Character App: Privet

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Privet, 7 February 2016.

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  1. Privet

    Privet Pony

    7 February 2016
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    Name: Privet

    Race: Unicorn.

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: Young Stallion (21)

    Physical Description:

    Special Talent:
    Is able to understand what is wrong with a mechanical things easily is mechanically minded.

    Primary Residence: Ponyville - House

    Personality: I have Aspergers and so does my OC, this means i struggle to empathize and tell what others are thinking among others

    Past/History: don't want to get that specific.

    Written Sample: from a young age he showed talent for creating machines and by the time he was a young adult he was building and fixing various contraptions in his shop. (that's all I can think of, I'm not that imaginative, sorry)
    #1 Privet, 7 February 2016
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  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Privet looks good to go. If you do get a picture sorted then let me know and I'll update the app with it.
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