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Character Application: Cascade

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Blaze_Midnight, 2 August 2012.

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  1. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Ok.. I know that her written sample is a bit of a long one.. and both Midnight and Cascade's written samples are linked.. But I couldn't help it.. I t was to tempting to write it like I have XD. If used in roleplay both Midnight and Cascadebe used together.

    Name: Cascade

    Race: Dragon (Pendant that was found in everfree forest allows her to change to a pony form to. See written sample)

    Cascade change.jpg

    Gender: Female

    Age: Young Dragon

    Primary Residence: With Midnight

    Physical Description: A young black dragon with red spikes running down the back of her head to her back and then down her tail as well. Her green eyes tend to add a bit of intimidation to her appearance that can help when confronted by other dragons. The outer sides of her wings are also black but the membranes are a deep red. While not as tall or long as most other dragons her age, she is equally as able to defend herself, if needed, using her razor sharp teeth and claws.

    Personality: Although she is a fairly quiet and laid back character, she isn’t afraid to speak up if needed. Being a dragon she is proud of whom she is but feels that just being herself can upset others. She is very protective of Midnight and any other friends that have both made over the course of their travels. If needed she will defend any creature that is threatened or attacked

    Past/History: When she was just hatched she found herself next to a young pony who called himself Midnight, who had been watching over her egg as it twitched and wobbled as she neared hatching. Growing up together she learned how to take care of herself. When the time came and they both felt ready, they attempted to fly for the 1st time together. Even though Cascade was physically stronger she struggled at 1st to get her wings to work so that she could join Midnight in the bright blue yonder above. Midnight, seeing this, flew down and helped her get into the sky by his side and over time they both became very strong accomplished fliers.

    As time went on they both left the valley they had spent their early years in and began to travel. After going through many different places from mountainous areas to various kingdoms, town, and cities. They eventually enter a cave that leads to somewhere that is known as Ponyville.

    Written Sample:
    Walking into the Everfree forest was easy for both Midnight and Cascade, but getting separated not long after entering the unpredictable forest was something that neither of them planned for.

    Midnight. Where are you?”

    Looking uncomfortable and feeling a little trapped as she walked through the countless bushes and trees that grew within the forest she began to pick up her pace. A roar from behind made her turn quickly and drop to an aggressive stance, preparing for a fight against whatever it was.

    But there was nothing, no sign of whatever made the deafening sound. Feeling even more uncomfortable than before she decided that finding a way out was considerably important than ever. Turning back and increasing her speed to a steady trot, she began to weave in and out of the branches and bushes and jumping over the fallen logs that were on her path.

    “No matter how far I go into these woods it just seems to keep going on forever. I’m glad that the creature from before seems to have gone, but then again...”

    A slight glint of something on the ground caught Cascades eye and she slowed to a halt. Moving closer she saw a beautiful lavender coloured pendant. Using her claws she carefully picked it up for a closer look and felt a strange warmth flow through her, even with the small amount of light within the forest it was able to pick up on it and shine like a polished purple sapphire.

    Deciding that she should show it to Midnight later once she met up with him again and they were able to escape this depressing place, she managed to place it around her neck for safe keeping. Looking around her she noticed that a few of the branches looked to be shaking violently in the distance, a loud roar confirmed her fears, the creature was back and was making its way towards her.

    She Turned and started to run at full sprint away from the approaching creature. What she didn’t notice was the pendant she found was now faintly glowing.

    “AH. I wish my legs were better suited for running.”

    The glowing stone shone brighter and Cascade began to find that she could run more freely, she didn’t notice as her scales were slowly being replaced by a coating of black fur and her wings were starting to become feathered. It wasn’t until she found that she felt a lot lighter, that she noticed something strange was happening. Deciding to check it out later she kept running, ignoring the new sounds and feelings that she started to become progressively aware of, until she found that the undergrowth had grown considerably thicker around her causing her to stop.

    “What’s happening to me?”

    She took a brief moment to glance down at herself and noticed that where she once had beautiful black scales, a furry coat had covered her body, her razor sharp claws had gone and she now had hooves. she turned her head quickly and stared at her new feathered wings.

    “I’ve become a pegasus pony? How did tha...”

    She glanced down and looked at the pendant which she now noticed was glowing slightly brighter than before. A loud roar from behind her was all that it took for her to turn her attention away from the faintly glowing jewel. Turning around with a look of horror in her eyes, she saw a huge bear like creature shambling towards her.

    She was backed into a corner with no way out. Not knowing what to do she followed her instincts and decided that she would try and fight back, although with hooves even she knew there was a very slim chance that she would stand a chance against the beast.As a last resort she tilted her head back and from deep within she could feel her fire building up inside of her and start to emerge as blue flames from her mouth. She opened her mouth and let loose a bright blue fireball straight at the creature, it managed to dodge but wasn’t quick enough as the fireball whizzed past and slightly caught its fur setting it alight.

    The creatures eyes went wide with fear as it watched the flames start to travel across its body and begin to engulf it. Cascade looked on as she watched the terror in the creatures eyes as her attack took an unexpected effect on the simple minded creature. Normally when she used blue flames it caused no damage to the target and would only serve to scare it away from her. But this time the creatures mind seemed to get the better of it as it seemed to think that it was actually alight and was being burnt.

    Feeling guilty Cascade started to walk towards the creature to try to put the flames out, or at least lessen the amount, but the creature turned and started to run through the forest. Not wanting the creature to harm itself in its terrified state she started to run after it. her new form allowing her more speed to try and catch up.

    Seeing the creature in the distance still running and roaring she picked up the pace. As she drew closer the beast jumped over a particularly thick bit of undergrowth. Darting after it, it wasn’t long till Cascade was at the bushes and dived over aswell, catching a very brief glance of another creature stumbling backwards. Paying no attention to what she had passed she proceeded to follow the creature into the woods.
  2. Pon4

    Pon4 Unloved by Al

    13 June 2012
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    Good to see some non-ponies entering the fray. Interesting character, I'm glad the pendant has a good story and use, it's not common to see something like this done well. Enjoy your stay in sunny Ponyville!
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