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Character Application: Midnight

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Blaze_Midnight, 31 July 2012.

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  1. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Name: Midnight

    Race: Pegasus

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: Young Stallion

    Physical Description: Black coat, Blue eyes, Mane, tail and feather colours vary usually depending on his mood. While relaxed the colours tend to flow in a variety of colours, though he usually sticks with Red.
    Midnight (true mane 1)074.jpg Midnight (true mane 2)075.jpg

    Special Talent: Cutie mark is a pair of white wings. Adept in flight, his special talent is teaching winged animals to fly.

    Primary Residence: Cloud home near Cloudsdale.

    Personality: Usually laid back around those that he knows, new ponies tend to make him feel shy, though he does try his best at overcoming his shyness. When needed he is protective of his friends and even those that he doesn't know, as he hates seeing others in trouble.

    Past/History: Knows nothing of where he was born and only has a vague memory of his mother. He grew up in a valley with a young dragon hatchling named Cascade. Over the course of 5 years both he and Cascade raised each other, when the time came Midnight learned to use his wings and flew for the 1st time. Seeing Cascade struggling behind him he turned to her and helped her to also leave the ground. This resulted in his cutie mark appearing and him finally finding his talent.

    As the years went on both He and Cascade left the valley and began to travel, looking for a place they can belong. After going through many different places from mountainous areas to various kingdoms, town, and cities. One particular city they entered resulted in him finding an earth pony who recognised the unique trait of the flowing rainbow mane, feathers and tail and reavealed about a unicorn stallion who also possessed something similar. While his tail and mane were very similar to Midnights own, his horn seemed to have a rainbow aura constantly around it.Another thing the earth pony remembered was of a white mare that accompanied him. After some more information was given Midnight and Cascade both left the city and proceeded on their journey.

    They eventually found and entered a cave that lead to somewhere that is known as Ponyville.

    Written Sample:
    Walking into the Everfree forest was easy for both Midnight and Cascade, but getting separated not long after entering the unpredictable forest was something that neither of them planned for.

    “Gah.. It’s so dark in here, I could have sworn it was daylight not 10 minutes ago, and Cas has vanished as well.”

    Looking round at the surrounding trees, it was beginning to seem more and more unlikely that he was going to find his way out anytime soon. The branches above weren’t helping either, they were so tightly intertwined that there was no way he could spread his wings and fly out.
    As he continued walking, Midnight noticed that there was a rustling in the undergrowth that seemed to be following him, curiosity slowly got the better of him and he decided to go and have a closer look. Using his front hooves he parted the bushes that were rustling as he neared, but there was nothing.

    “I get the feeling something is nearby. I hope it’s Cas”

    He turned around, His mane, feathers and tail changing from red to blue as he started to make his way towards where he hoped he would find Cascade and an exit, aware that the same rustling in the bushes had started again Midnight started to pick up the pace.

    A dull bang that seemed to echo around the forest caused Midnight to stop for a moment, his ears pricking up as he tried to hear for the sound again or at least pick up some other sound that was related to it. A second bang that sounded much closer than before and was coming from his right. Ignoring the rustling coming from near him he darted off in the direction of the sound, a sudden flash of fire as something rushed past him covered in bright blue flames causing him to stop and turn in the direction of the creature, Midnight instantly recognised it as Cascades doing.

    As he began to turn back in the direction that the creature had come from, a pony dived out of the undergrowth in front of him. Startled by the unexpected appearance he staggered backwards and lost his balance, sitting on his haunches he looked in the direction where the pony had ran.

    I’m sure I know that pony”

    Proceeding to stand up again he decided that following her was the best choice for now and began to gallop after her.
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  2. Pon4

    Pon4 Unloved by Al

    13 June 2012
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    A very detailed character, hopefully we'll learn more about the duo in time. Welcome to Ponyville, or, well, Cloudsdale.
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