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Clear Out - Merch, Comics and Blind Bags

Discussion in 'The Trader's Corner' started by Bronydiferous, 23 August 2017.

  1. Bronydiferous

    Bronydiferous 'Diferous

    15 December 2012
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    Any takers? All prices include postage and packaging so if anything seems a bit high it’s due to me taking into account the packaging and postage costs on top.

    Comics - All bagged and boarded already. £3.50 each. If you want to buy 7 - 15, I’m happy to part with them for £2.50 each. Take them all for £45 which works out to just over £2 each. (Again, postage and packing is included as well.)

    More than happy to accept offers for any bulk purchases though.


    38 Sub Cover
    14 Cover A
    10 Cover B
    15 Cover B
    16 Cover B
    28 Cover B
    3 Cover RI
    13 Cover RI
    21 Cover RI
    28 Sub Cover
    13 Sub Cover
    9 Sub Cover
    27 Sub Cover
    6 Cover A
    5 Cover B
    24 Sub Cover
    8 Cover A
    11 Regular Cover
    21 Regular Cover
    12 Regular Cover
    5 Regular Cover
    30 Regular Cover

    Blind bag figures - £4 each
    Dog tags - £4 each
    Funko Mystery Mini (Lyra) - £8

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