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Clearout: Build a Bear Plushes, toys etc.

Discussion in 'The Trader's Corner' started by DashieBoom, 17 April 2018.

  1. DashieBoom

    DashieBoom Active Pony

    2 May 2015
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    I'm clearing out my collection so new things. Everything can be posted but postage is extra.

    My Little Pony Build A Bear Ponies - excellent condition
    Fluttershy £30
    Applejack £30
    Cadence £40
    Celestia £35

    Bundle of excellent condition brushables including 2 fashion style - £45

    More to come! I also have tons of Disney items for sale!

    Message me for photos (as not sure how to get them on here) & more details :)
  2. Bronydiferous

    Bronydiferous 'Diferous

    15 December 2012
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    Let me know the Disney items you have for sale as I may interested depending on what they are.

    My fashion styles and brushables are fairly up to date I think so holding back on those for a while!

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