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Clerk, Bureaucratic Dragon-Spirit

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Aethelberdia, 18 December 2016.

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  1. Aethelberdia

    Aethelberdia Returning Pony

    20 October 2013
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    Name: Clerk

    Race: Dragon... sort of.

    Gender: Female

    Age: Young, for a dragon.

    Physical Description: Clerk is the most boring dragon one is likely to see in their entire lives. Clerk is not only beige - she is a shade of beige that surpasses understanding, sapping the joy from your life and your enthusiasm from your mind. Her coloration is so bland that her scales aren't even clearly defined, a single mass of pure beige. The only bit of Clerk that is not beige is, ostensibly, her insides, and her eyeballs - which have the slit pupils one would expect from a dragon... although the rest of them is beige.
    In terms of build, well... Clerk is something of a weakling by draconic standards. Compared to ponies, sure, she could probably throw one across a room with nary a thought, but another dragon could probably push her over just by thinking about it, or paying her (as is the way of things).

    Special Talent: Clerk is a dragon, and should not have a special talent. But she does. Clerk is a clerk. A very, very good clerk. All clerk-related duties (and things that are only tangentially related therein) are fulfilled to their utmost by this bizarre mass of bureaucrat stereotypes and mind-numbing blandness, but rather than praise people forget she exists.
    Any ordinary person would feel, at the least, upset by this lack of validation, but Clerk lives to shuffle files and sort appointments and bookings and all the other things young ponies never, ever want to do later in life.

    This is, in fact, her special talent. Clerk is the living manifestation of things people would rather not do - and in the wonderfully colourful land of Equestria, this is paperwork. She is, technically speaking, a spirit, and not a dragon. She doesn't care. There are things to be done.

    Primary Residence: Clerk currently lives in a house. Where? Nobody knows. She fades from sight almost immediately, and most forget even if they're directed by her curiously bland business card - not that a clerk needs a business card.

    Personality: Think of every single thing that you hate about bureaucracy - and if you don't hate bureaucracy, think of the most boring thing you can.
    That is Clerk. A dragon, one of the great mystical creatures. A mystery to the common pony. And horribly, insufferably boring. Worse still, not even a pleasant-afternoon-in-the-sun sort of boring. Not even bureaucracy boring. She defies herself in terms of just how featureless she is.

    Past/History: Clerk, as explained before, is not actually a dragon. She was spontaneously created as soon as people procrastinated enough to cause reality to give way under the strain of so many people avoiding their inevitable destiny - and yes, the universe sees paperwork as destiny. The universe is rather boring itself, yes. She suddenly appeared - to nobody's surprise, despite this monumental happening - at the end of tea break in a law firm, and began to file everything away. And that has been her existence thus far.
    One wonders what might happen if something were to break her routine. One also wonders what would happen if the planet exploded, but the two events are just as likely.

    Written Sample:
    Clerk stared at the pony at the front desk. Black coat, red mane, eldritch sigils, glowing colours... clearly some sort of adventurer. She found herself instinctively edging away. People liked adventurers, and that set her on edge. Which was bad, because then who would file these reports? Certainly not the person on the job. They were busy repairing what was left of their life, while Clerk took care of this single responsibility. As she was created to do.

    "I'm Sepulchral Fury. Hello! Who are you? I have come from my home country which was attacked by Griffons."

    Even his speech lacked a formula. Why greet someone after introducing yourself? Why mention your home country before learning the other person's name? She edged away even further. This pony was a walking mass of inconsistency and pure chaos, in that unpleasant way that never made its way into reports or files or documents. And without those, she couldn't prove he spoke like he did. It was company policy.

    "Hello, Fury. I am Clerk. I am here to provide service to the population of this town. I am... pleased to meet you. Do you require assistance?"
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    I'll let her through. Sorry it's taken a while. It'll be interesting seeing what you can do with her.
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