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Cloud Spike, Pegasus

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Sir Dave of Dave, 11 March 2016.

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  1. Sir Dave of Dave

    Sir Dave of Dave I'm not Dave!

    13 July 2014
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    Name: Cloud Spike

    Race: Pegasus

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: Adult (32).

    Physical Description: Denim blue coat, cyan eyes and a navy blue mane/tail. Both his mane and tail are cropped really short as a habit from his army days. His cutie mark his a white cloud, with a spike protruding from it. Convenient. He has stubs where his wings should be since he lost both wings during his time in the EUP.

    Special Talent: He's strong and fast, well he was strong and fast, now he's just strong.

    Primary Residence: Ponyville, small house with his wife: Femata Breve

    Personality: He's outgoing, he loves the outdoors, martial arts, and sports. He is terrible when it comes to remembering the names of ponies, He currently can only name three: Himself, his wife, and Princess Cadence.

    Past/History: He grew up in Manehatten with his mother, his father went MIA during his service in the EUP, and so Cloud doesn't have many memories of him. As he grew up he knew he wanted to serve in the EUP, his dad did it, and a little part of him thought he might find his father by doing so.
    During his school life he was very fond of sports, he loved to fly fast, and he loved to fight in boxing matches. His cutie mark soon appeared depicting aspects of both and so he could never decide whether or not he should bulk up for boxing, or stay slim for racing. He tried to keep a healthy balance of the two, but in doing so he fell behind in both sports.
    One day, the school proposed a new Jousting club. The perfect balance of the two, when heading to his first jousting club session he bumped into a young mare who was carrying an instrument case, and a few books of sheet music, causing her to drop everything. He appologised to the mare and helped her pick up her stuff, naturally they both reached for the same book first and their hooves touched, causing both their faces to flush red.
    Behind him Cloud's friends all s******ed, "Look at his face, Cloud loves the music nerd!" Cloud rolled his eyes and finished helping the mare before silently turning away and continuing on his path to the jousting club. During the club hours the lads all chatted about Cloud and the "music nerd"
    Eventually, one of them said "Why not? She's really cute." After a brief moment of silence everyone agreed, and spent the remainder of the club convincing him to pursue a relationship with the "cute music nerd" which of course he did.
    Once high school had finished, Cloud went straight into service with the EUP and became one of Princess Cadence's royal guardsmen. He saved up all his wages for a long time in order to buy his beloved Femata a Wheelharp, since he thought it'd pair nicely with her Hurdy Gurdy.
    After several years of service, a young dragon snuck into Cadence's room wanting to end the life of the pony princess. Cloud suspected something was amiss while on patrol, he heard a skittering noise coming from the shadows and had followed the sound to it's source. He saw the dragon standing above the princess and instantly tackled him straight to the ground.
    He caught the dragon by surprise, but a dragon is still a dragon, and quickly bathed Cloud in fire and slashed at him with his claws. Other guards heard the commotion, and they were able to overpower the would-be assassin.
    Cloud was taken straight to the hospital, his wings were severely damaged and had to be amputated. He was granted compensation, and was forced into retirement. Once he returned to Manehatten, he proposed to Femata and the couple soon married and moved to Ponyville.

    Written Sample:
    (Continued from Femata Breve's character application)

    Cloud had just finished his shave when his wife called from downstairs. "Honey! I've got a job for you!" He sighed, he knew he couldn't say no, but he still just wanted to go out with Two-Name-Reject, that guy was young and stupid, but he was a barrel of laughs.
    He quickly flung on his jacket and trundled downstairs to his wife. "The postpony gave us the wrong package, it's addressed to somepony on the other side of town, can you deliver it?"
    He took the package, he knew roughly where to go. "Aye aye," he said with a forced smile before giving his wife a light kiss on the cheek, "See you later, dear."
    As he walked through the streets he saw many familiar faces. He waved at Weirdo-Priestess, and Music-Griffon, and even Miss-Robot-Leg. He even saw two-Name-Reject waiting for him outside the pub.
    "Dave!" he called, beckoning him over. So that's his name! D-... D-... Darn it!
    "I've gotta deliver this first, save me a seat!" He replied, hating himself for instantly forgetting his bro's name again. Two-Name-Reject held up a hoof and replied in the affirmative before going inside..
    Cloud continued his walk through the streets Spotting Mad-Lady and Blacksmith. He soon found his objective, and was answered by a sickly looking mare. "Package for Schismic Rift." He said, handing the sickly mare the package.
    "Thanks." she said with a weak smile "She just went out, but I'll accept it. The name's Cally by the way, I don't believe we've met."
    "Cloud Spike," he said, hating himself for forgetting yet another name, "Pleased to meet you."
    #1 Sir Dave of Dave, 11 March 2016
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  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    (You're lucky we laxed a little bit on involvement of canon characters in the apps. still can't use them in main roleplays though) Pretty indepth app. Looks good.
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