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Dad's Army

Discussion in 'Audio/Video/Books' started by CuldeeFell, 4 February 2016.

  1. CuldeeFell

    CuldeeFell Ponies Rock

    9 February 2014
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    The classic sitcom by Jimmy Perry and David Croft that ran from 1968 to 1977 starring Arthur Lowe, John le Mesurier and Clive Dunn.

    I was compelled to make this thread because I've just watched an animated reconstruction of A Stripe For Frazer, the lost fifth episode of the second series from 1969. The soundtrack to this episode was returned to the BBC in 2008 and they've just (today) released an animated version of the episode with the original soundtrack which I watched and thoroughly enjoyed. The animation's very limited but it was great to be able to hear the soundtrack with the animation providing the visual cues. As with the whole of this series the writing is very tight and the performances are wonderful.

    Sample dialogue, from just after Mainwaring's promoted Frazer to Lance Corporal:
    "Well I think we've picked the right one there, Wilson."
    "I quite agree sir, you've certainly picked a right one."

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