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Dave the Davepony

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Sir Dave of Dave, 25 September 2015.

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  1. Sir Dave of Dave

    Sir Dave of Dave I'm not Dave!

    13 July 2014
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    Name: Dave

    Race: Dave (Earth) Pony.

    Gender: Stallion

    Age: Young Adult (Human Equivalent: 19)

    Physical Description: Dave has a butterscotch coloured coat, with a light brown mane, and eyes to match. He keeps his mane in thin, medium length dreadlocks (Davelocks to him), His tail is cut short, and just left to it's own devices. His cutie mark depicts a bright red exclamation mark in comic sans.

    Special Talent: Dave doesn't know what his cutie mark means, Dave doesn't care. He has decided that his special talent is to simply be Dave and spread the word of Dave throughout Equestria.

    Primary Residence: Ponyville, in a small house with his mother Glitter Mittens.

    Personality: Dave is a calm and relaxed kind of guy, but he's still still Dave and likes to be the center of attention, everypony should know the pure brilliance that is Dave! He also uses his name as a substitute for pretty much any other word in the dictionary.

    Past/History: Who names a young colt Strawberry Mittens? It's the sort of name a young filly would call her cat. Sadly, Glitter and Trumpet Mittens thought it would be an excellent idea to call their yellow son, "Strawberry." Childhood was quite tough for young Strawberry, especially since his dad was part of the EUP Guard, and so was rarely home.
    Like every misfit, he got bullied in school. Everypony there thought it was a silly name too. The bullying never put him off though, instead he decided to quest for a new name. He visited the village eccentric, the strange old mare who told tales of a demon in Fillydelphia, who also had books and scriptures from another realm.
    He studied the colourful texts until he found a name, he found it just above where it said "11:30 Top Gear" and just above the picture of three strange looking creatures, standing in front of three strange looking contraptions. The name was written in a big white font and enclosed in a black circle.
    That name was Dave!
    It was on that very day, he decried that his name would forever be Dave, and as he decried this, his cutie mark appeared on his flank. From the ashes of Strawberry Mittens Rose a new Stallion, a stallion called Dave, a Stallion that would forever be surrounded by pretty mares, a stallion that didn't give a hoof what people had to say.
    A Stallion that left school with low grades!
    That couldn't get a job!
    That was usually avoided by the pretty mares!
    That continued to live with his mother who still insisted on calling him Strawberry!
    Dave! DAVE! DAVE!!!!

    Written Sample:
    Dave lay back on his red bed, and stared blankly at his whitewashed ceiling. "Dave," he sighed, not even the school would hire him as a PE teacher. He flexed his muscles and watched them swell "How could they not want this?" he sighed his name once again, before releasing his flex. "To top it all off that cute secretary threw her drink in my face." Dave smiled and hopped off his bed, "That's the furthest I've got with a mare!"
    "Strawberry!" came a voice from below. "The mares won't like you if you talk loudly to yourself like that! Now come downstairs and set the table! Dinner's almost ready!"
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Ok... regardless of how strange this actually is. I have to say a thank you, this actually made me smile. I hope you take part in a roleplay using him. Please enjoy.
    Sir Dave of Dave likes this.
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