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Description of friends and why no comments

Discussion in 'Links & Affiliates' started by Sharpy, 14 January 2012.

  1. Sharpy

    Sharpy UKofE Co-Founder

    18 December 2011
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    Hi Everypony,

    This forum has been set up to say thanks to sites, groups and individuals that have helped us out or have something cool to show you :D this could be things like people who can provide cosplay items to the UK, sell pony customs and commissions or just simply a great group who have been nice to us :D

    We have not enabled discussion on here to prevent problems. If you feel a site or person should not be listed in here for some reason please contact and admin and it will be discussed with the staff and relevant action taken.

    This also works the other way if there is somepony you feel should be listed in this section drop one of us admins a message and we will get them up super quick :)
  2. Alteran

    Alteran Horse Noises

    18 December 2011
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    I will simply say that if you do approve of one of our links/recommendations, feel free to use the "Like" button to let us know that you found it useful.
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