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Suggestion Do we have any maps?

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by Little Emerald, 15 August 2012.

  1. Little Emerald

    Little Emerald Currently addicted to: Monster Hunter

    21 December 2011
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    In previous roleplays, there have been maps provided of each area. Is it possible to make one for this group, or do we work along each others' headcanon?

    And by map, I don't mean a large map of Equestria, we can use the recently revealed one for that. I'm talking about maps for each area, so people can work out locations of where they are, or where they live.
  2. Pon4

    Pon4 Unloved by Al

    13 June 2012
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    The recently revealed map of Equestria is in the FAQ of How to Write Your Pony here (under a spoiler tag as it has some S3 information), above the entry about pony physiology, and it's the one I use for mental reference. Thinking of Equestria as a fantasy version of the USA makes improvisation a bit easier.
    As for specific maps, no, but I know there are some out there we can use. I think someone posted one earlier in one of their posts. The problem with concrete maps of character homes is we'd be fighting for spaces, but if we can agree to be a bit lenient in the cartography I can check some Wikis.
  3. BonBon

    BonBon Honorary Pony

    9 April 2012
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    I've been planning an RP all day that involves drawing a crude map at some point. :p

    I think that if there's an RP going with such scope that it requires a map then the map will be specific to that RP. Not everyone is gonna want their RP set in the same place, after all. :)
  4. Prismatic Flux

    Prismatic Flux Well-Known Pony

    28 March 2012
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