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Dragon Fics

Discussion in 'Links & Affiliates' started by GeodesicDragon, 5 December 2013.

  1. GeodesicDragon

    GeodesicDragon Prince Brublood

    12 January 2013
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    One man, many stories.

    Dragon Fics is a place where I keep details of every pony fanfic I've written. As well as my popular 'Geoverse' series, I have also written a WoW/MLP crossover and a multitude of one-shots.

    Twilight Sparkle Waits For A Train, The Origin Of Sunbutt, Of Horses And Whorses, Twilight Sparkle Tries Irn Bru — these and many more stories can be found in my humble corner of the Internet, with links to read them on Fimfiction as well as to PDF downloads of completed works.

    Some stories and/or chapters have been influenced by members of this very forum, and I will gladly accept ideas from people if they think I can do something with them. You can also submit your OC, which I will - eventually - use in a current or future project!

    Come and take a look. You never know, you might find something that interests you.
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