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Email Deliverability Issues - Please Read

Discussion in 'Official News' started by Alteran, 15 April 2018.

  1. Alteran

    Alteran Horse Noises

    18 December 2011
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    Hi there - quick but important one for you.

    It has come to light that a few users have had some problems receiving emails from us - it has only come to light after some people reported problems verifying their email accounts.

    Each time we've come across this issue, we've done some digging and this is what has happened:
    1. Pinkie Pie starts using UK of Equestria.
    2. Pinkie Pie starts "watching" threads that she's interested in and starts getting emails.
    3. Pinkie Pie joins some large conversations and gets emails from them.
    4. Pinkie Pie gets bored of emails, or thinks she gets too many emails from UK of Equestria.
    5. Pinkie Pie clicks "spam" to stop emails from appearing in her inbox.
    Because our site's user base isn't particularly big (we send less than 100 emails a day), all it takes is one pony to mark our emails as spam, and Outlook/Gmail/Yahoo/etc. will "see" that 10% of our emails have been marked as "spam" and immediately take that as a signal that all of our emails are spam. As a result, emails intended for other people (who actually want these emails) start missing messages because they either start landing in their spam/junk folders, or worse, stops receiving messages altogether because the providers either start rejecting or silently discarding them.

    Tl;Dr - Email providers use your junk folder to score email senders (like us) and decide whether or not you should see our emails.

    We've made some changes to the systems that deliver our emails to minimise any errors that might be generated. We also digitally "sign" any emails our website sends so the email giants (like Gmail) will know that it is us sending them and not someone pretending to be us. But there's only so much we can do...

    How can I help?
    Please check your spam/junk folder from time to time. If you see any from us in there, please mark them as "not spam" and add our "noreply" address to your contacts list. This helps to improve our "sender score" and makes it more likely that our emails will get through to people.

    But what if I don't want your emails? You send me too many.
    99.9% of our emails are triggered by user action and/or user generated content. People like you. We don't send newsletters, or ads, and whilst we have a facility to mass-mail members, we have never used it and probably never will except in the event of an emergency.

    You can fine-tune your email notifications if you think you're getting too many, but if you don't want our emails full stop, you can disable them altogether. If you need help with this, message one of our moderators. Please don't mark our messages as "junk" - that's not why junk mail systems exist and you're making life harder for people who do want our emails.

    Thanks for your help with this!

    -- Altie.

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