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Etched Apart Laser Graveing/Cutting Comeing soon

Discussion in 'Crafts and Cooking' started by Swift Wing Brony Engineer, 28 February 2016.

  1. Swift Wing Brony Engineer

    20 February 2014
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    Hello everyone,

    Few know me and the few who do may remember I posted a forum about laser cut ponies a heck of a time ago. At the time I unfortunately lost the use of a machine due to technical issues. Now I'm glad to announce I have purchased a new 300mm x 500mm laser! (Trumpet noise and maybe a fluttershy squee).

    I am glad to announce that within a month or two my own company will be live (Etched Apart) and I'll be offering discounted products to all members of UKOE. Due to my working situation my main products will be designs from fandoms I've re-rendered and other items useful for craft made out of MDF wood. Also shaded engravings of all your favourite cannon and none cannon ponies on wallets, mugs wood etc etc.

    If all goes well and I am able to keep a steady flow I will also take on personal orders. What I mean by this is I may offer the service to be customised with your OC's, patterns and preferences. Lamps made of acrylic and other transparent materials may also become available pending completion of some designs i have half programmed.

    If any pony out there can use autoCAD, 2D Design or another .dxf rendering programme I will be more than happy to do customs earlier on as my main limitation is time currently (engineering apprentice, lvl 3 CAD course and welding courses all take up a large quantity of my life at the moment so please be understanding).

    Let me know if anyone is interested or even if you got some ideas, pretty comfortable with the software so I'll give most things a go.

    Swift out /)

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