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Fallout/mlp custom halo megabloks armour

Discussion in 'Customs and Plushies' started by TheLegoBrony, 18 April 2016.

  1. TheLegoBrony

    TheLegoBrony Active Pony

    3 February 2016
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    so I happen to love Fallout and Halo, I also happen to love halo megabloks and I have a bunch of the customisation armour character/ Spartans from halo megabloks.

    I decided to create my own custom fallout power armour but with a MLP characters colours using the halo megabloks figures.

    so my idea is this in the comments below write what 4 power armour suits you want me to make using the said halo figs and some customisation and list which MLP character should go with them, oh as a reminder for the halo figs I have 2 jet packs so keep that in mind.

    well I hope to see some cool ideas from you awesome lot

    BROHOOF /) (\

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