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Fanfiction Share - Pony Relative or not

Discussion in 'Fanfics & Writing' started by TheOnlyRazz, 7 October 2014.

  1. TheOnlyRazz

    TheOnlyRazz Only Razzle Dazzle Around

    4 October 2014
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    Now I realise this is UKofE, which says what this site is all about really, a social site for bronies of the UK (or across the web). But we all have more than just interests in cartoon ponies who make us all so very happy.
    Like for example me. I have a very large interest in the Pokémon universe and the Fallout universe. They both have a sort of cynical tone to them, and because of how hidden it is in pokémon; it makes it so much more interesting to delve deeper into. And I have also written a few fanfictions based in one of those two universes and I am currently working on a larger project set in BOTH of those universes. (It's project title is "The World's Eulogy").
    So in essence this thread is just a place where people, mainly writers, can share their own interests in universes other than the one we all share an interest for and their own attempts to articulate their interests in fanfiction or in their own imagination.
    I would love to read a few if anyone has any to share. If what I'm writing has sparked any interest in you to read then here's the post on fanfiction.net.
    Thanks for checking this post out and I look forward to seeing any and/or discussing interests with people - be it ponies or not.
  2. rdlover777

    rdlover777 Artist

    2 August 2013
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