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Femata Breve, Earth Pony

Discussion in 'Accepted/Active Characters' started by Sir Dave of Dave, 11 March 2016.

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  1. Sir Dave of Dave

    Sir Dave of Dave I'm not Dave!

    13 July 2014
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    Name: Femata Breve

    Race: Earth Pony

    Gender: Mare

    Age: Adult (30)

    Physical Description: Chestnut coat with a darker brown mane and dark green eyes. Her mane is tied into a bun which is crudely held together with a pair of knitting needles. He fringe doesn't fit in the bun, so it's swept over to her left side. Her tail is long and straight. Interestingly her cutie mark depicts a dotted half note. She wears thin black rimmed glasses as her eyesight isn't very good without them

    Special Talent: She's a musician who busks in the town centre to make her living.

    Primary Residence: Ponyville, small house with her husband: Cloud Spike

    Personality: She's a caring type, if she sees someone in trouble she'll help. She also loves writing songs and pieces on her Wheelharp and Hurdy Gurdy, but she lacks the confidence to publicly perform her own music. She is a big fan of Vanth Orcus' work, and often plays variations on some of his music, she also has no idea that Vanth Orcus lives just around the corner from her.

    Past/History: Her parents were musicians in Manehatten, so she grew up surrounded by music and other musicians. Femata originally could never settle on an instrument to play, she must have tried out an entire orchestra worth of instruments before giving up on her search, believing that maybe music wasn't her thing.
    After a few months of reading up on astronomy, her ninth birthday came along and her parents decided to take her out to a restaurant for a birthday meal. Part way through the main course a drunken soldier stumbled into the restaurant playing a peculiar instrument that made an absolutely horrible sound. As the waiter tried to explain to the soldier that the pub was across the road, Femata asked her parents about the horrid sounding instrument he was playing. She knew such a thing would sound beautiful if played correctly, and so she asked her mother for one.
    The very next day Femata was taken to a luthier who told her everything she wanted to know about the hurdy gurdy, and told her parents that he'd have a few gurdies ready for sale in a fortnight. Femata looked through the display pieces and picked out the gurdy she wanted, which her parents reserved for her in an instant.
    Femata recieved her cutie mark the instant she played her first note on her new Hurdy Gurdy, which naturally she judged since it was a dotted half-not instead of a whole note marked with a femata.
    She met her husband in high school, the usual cliché, the bumped into eachother in the hallway, and their hooves touched as they both reached for a book she dropped. After school He signed up to the EUP guard and saved up all his wages to buy Femata a Wheelharp for her twentieth birthday.
    They married and moved to Ponyville after his retirement from the EUP, four years ago.

    Written Sample:
    Knock Knock Knock!
    "Doooooor!" Cloud sang from upstairs
    "I heard it," Femata replied, getting up to answer the door.
    "I know!"
    Femata rolled her eyes, her husband was annoying at times, but he's still sweet, unless he brings that social reject home to watch the sports with him. She opened the door, the grumpy postpony handed her a package a walked off without a word.
    She closed the door and checked the parcel. It was adressed to one Schismic Rift, Who the hoof is Schismic Rift? The address said she/he lived on the other side of town. How did he manage to get it so off? She sighed, "Honey!" she called, "I got a job for you!"

    (Continued in the Cloud Spike application)
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  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Looks fine. Hope you enjoy using her. (It's also nice to see that it's not just Cascade and Midnights apps that kinda work off each other)
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