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Ponyville Friendship Is In Bloom

Discussion in 'Main Roleplay' started by Smarty Paws, 20 February 2013.

  1. Eiro

    Eiro Cutie Cuddly Wuddly Huggily Princess

    14 April 2012
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    "hmmm" Eiro looked to where Spirit was hiding and pondered how to help calm the filly, she quickly scanned the market and noticed an ice cream stand "ahh i know" Eiro exclaimed getting up and trotting over to the stand she looked to the sky noting that it was clear it was warm and there were no rain reports for the rest of the day, arriving at the stand buying an ice cream and walking back balancing it on her nose along the way, stumbling side to side looking like a circus pony as she kept it balanced, once she got back to the group she knelt down sat back down lowering her head "hey spirit i got something for you" Eiro said gently trying not to scare Spirit
  2. Blaze_Midnight

    Blaze_Midnight Isn't it great to be different?

    20 March 2012
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    Spirit's ears perked up over Cascades wing, quickly followed by the rest of her head. She looked towards Eiro and tilted it slightly, a smile crept across her little face as she watched the ice cream sway slightly back and forth on the tip of Eiros nose.

    "It's not difficult to amuse you, is it Spirit."

    Cascade lift her wing higher so Spirit could slide out from under. Once she landed on the ground she bounded over and sat infront of Eiro, her eyes still watching the ice cream.

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