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Glasgow Meet 17th August 2019

Discussion in 'Confirmed Event Discussion' started by HypnoHooves, 13 August 2019.

  1. HypnoHooves

    HypnoHooves Habitual Pony

    23 November 2016
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    We have a Glasgow meet 17th August 2019
    Same day as Glasgow Pride, and a Comic Con

    IMAGE here
    open image to know where to meet.

    meet BLUE star for watching pride parade, approx 12:00. if you want to be in pride parade it assembles at 10:45am to the south of the river.
    Go GREEN Star (geek retreat) at 1pm for chat and drinks and some CCG plus PLUSH con
    till 4pm

    at 4:30pm some will have a meal at the Atholl arms (let hypnohooves know for numbers) https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Resta...473-Reviews-Atholl_Arms-Glasgow_Scotland.html
    This is the RED star

    6:30pm Hypnosis show to 9pm. tickets are £7.50 in advance or 15 on the door. https://www.eticketing.co.uk/paviliontheatre/EDP/Event/Index/4108 . book stalls. left side as you look to be close to us. as near front as possible. This is the PINK star on the map

    9pm end in time for trains to carlise etc

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  2. BunnyPony

    BunnyPony Recognised Pony

    12 October 2014
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    Done! Seat E 1. That is where the big, spotty Bunnybutt will be placed!
    Somepony had better do some freaky stuff on the stage!

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